And Now, The $25,000 Super Nintendo Cartridge

Hot on the heels of the near-mint Deluxe Edition NES we posted about today comes word of an even rarer Nintendo artifact. Placing multiple popular games on one single cartridge, the Super Nintendo Campus Challenge cartridge was created for promotional competitions all over the world. There are reportedly only three in existence and one's shown up for bidding on eBay. The innards of this cartridge have been laid bare for all to see, making the slots where F-Zero, Super Mario World and Pilotwings plainly visible.

This particular cart was made for the Japanese Super Famicom — the counterpart to the American Super Nintendo Entertainent System — but seller themainkirkman will throw in a Super Famicom if you shell the auction's asking price. So, just like earlier today, you get to own a piece of video game history, once you get that loan approved.

SNES Super Nintendo 1992 Campus Challenge NWC [eBay]


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