Android Apps Hit 10 Billion Downloads And Over 25% Were Games

The amount of apps downloaded in the Android marketplace has now hit 10 billion plus — you may already be aware of this. What you might not know is that video games are by far the most downloaded app, completely outpacing the competition.

Games made up 25.6 per cent of app purchases on Android, meaning that over 256,000,000 video game apps have been purchases. A pretty huge number. Coming in distant second is entertainment apps at 12.2 per cent, then 'tools' at 11.17 per cent.

Breaking the numbers down further, 39.25 per cent of games purchased fell under the arcade categorisation, with 22.08 per cent being categorised as 'Brain' games.

Apparently the country with the more Android app purchases per capita was South Korea. Australia wasn't even in the top 10 — come on, step your game up folks!

Also, while we're talking about Android, might as well hit up the random Android Phone Name Generator.

'Sony Ericsson Nitro Vivid Plus G1 2'... gotta get me one of those.

A Closer Look at 10 Billion Downloads [Android Developers]


    LG Thunderbolt Epic Z

    We have a Winrar!

    Those 10c apps over the last few days would be giving these numbers a half decent boost.

    must say its pretty impressive that Australia is in the top 10 for the world. This considering i reckon its like 1/5 have androids and the rest a iphones. well from what ive observed at work, the train and my friends anyway.

      err, he said it wasnt

      ' Australia wasn’t even in the top 10 — come on, step your game up folks!'

    I dont think 25.6% is 256,000,000

    Samsung Epic Moment. I would buy the shit out of that.

    If someone would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a good turn based strategy instead of yet another tower defence game, they would see a hell of a lot more.

    The number of quality games on iOS saddens me when I look at the Android catalogue. I know iOS has a few years on it, but man... Give us more than 1 in 50 games actually made to take advantage of the platform.

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