Android Tablet Rips Off Sony, Nintendo, Angry Birds And Everyone Else

Chinese tablet company JXD has released a new unit called the S7100, which in an effort to sell to its local market, flaunts not just its specs, but who and exactly where it's ripping off properties that are owned and controlled by someone else.

From the emulated games on its menus to the PlayStation buttons on the face of the device, it wears its heart on its sleeve. Its sleeve being one Made in China, and which on its label says "ahaaha international copyright laws ahahaha".

You can see the trailer below, which will delight those who find this kind of thing funny, and will horrify those who make a living either as a lawyer or an employee of Nintendo, Sony or Rovio.

JXD S7100 [JXD, via Engadget]


    Music ; not related.

      At least they're ashamed of something.

    If you can't see that video there is a youtube version on this page

    I loved chinese rippoffs and was expecting something terrible but this looks amazing, I seriously may buy it, it's a fusion of chinese PMP (portable media players) with android tablets. Oh and the only person that would sue is nintendo since it looks very much like the wii-U controller and has their games on it for free, angry birds has free versions so it's possible they wont lose any money and no one will mistake this for a sony related tablet.

      That four way d-pad is gonna get mighty annoying while playing most of the Nintendo games they're showing off... not to mention Metal Slug.

    in china they CHANNELS dedicated to selling iphone 4 ripoffs

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