Angry Birds Maker Has Six Sequels Planned In 2012

On the heels of Facebook gaming titan Zynga going public recently, the maker of mobile gaming's mammoth hit Angry Birds suggests it will pursue a public offering of stock in 2013, and that it has five or six games from that franchise planned for 2012.

Tekniikka & Talous, a weekly newspaper in Rovio's native Finland, reports that the company wants to become a media firm modelled on Walt Disney Co. "There is no reason why we should not be able to build a company of that size," Peter Vesterbecka told the publication. Walt Disney's shares are valued at $US65.3 billion.

Reuters notes that Rovio earlier said it was looking at a stock market listing in the US by 2013 or 2014.

Vesterbecka added that in 2012 Rovio would launch five or six additional games featuring the Angry Birds cast of characters.

Angry Birds maker eyes 2013 Hong Kong IPO: report [Reuters]


    The size of Walt Disney?!? Hahaha what sort of crack are these guys smoking

      To be fair, Disney started out with 'vintage Disney' aka Mickey and a couple of other characters. Of course, this was in the first half of the century and people didn't have the cornucopia of entertainment options as they do now...

      Yes these people are insane.

    Terrible, just terrible.

    This is what's known as "chucking a Guitar Hero"

      At least Guitar Hero only released 3-4 packaged add-on packs per year. These clowns have SIX sequels planned. They're grossly overestimating the lasting popularity of their games and overstaying their welcome.

      We don't need your Angry Birds theme parks, crappy merchandise or Angry Birds VII: Adrian's Revenge.

    Make shitty copy of common flash game
    Make millions of sequels
    Disney-sized company!

    Angry Birds 2
    Angry Birds 3
    Angry Birds 4
    Angry Birds: Let Us Fly Together [Beakdeixum <3] - for the Japanese market
    Angry Birds 6
    Angry Birds 6: Episode II

    1. Make Angry Birds
    2. Profit
    3. A public company
    4. Aspire to Disneyfication
    5. We're bigger than Jesus
    6. [???]
    7. Crash and burn

    ^ Game names for the six sequels

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