Angry Birds Merchandise Is Out Of Control…

Angry Birds Merchandise Is Out Of Control…

You are the CEO of Rovio, creator of Angry Birds. You are a wildly rich, successful man. The president of your country asks you to come to a celebration for high achievers in the capital. You take your wife. And she dresses up as an Angry Bird. This is what’s wrong with the world!

Honestly! This is getting out of control! Someone has to reign it in. I went to a climbing gym in St Leonards, Sydney and I saw someone with this…

Angry Birds Merchandise Is Out Of Control…

A bloody Angry Birds chalk bag? At the back of my mind I was like, ‘do I want one of these?’ But then my brain screamed ‘NO, YOU IDIOT! YOU DO NOT WANT ONE OF THESE!’

Anyway, the point of this story is this: really? You got your wife to wear a dress made up to look like the character from your game to a Presidents ball? Really?

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  • That’s dedication on the wife’s behalf. You can almost feel the love. :S

    I’m not really a fan of Angry Birds. My sister loves it, but I mostly just dig the repetitive theme song.

    • the red angry bird is apparently the most popular one in regards to merchandise sales according to a friend i have who works at a game traders store

      • A lot of people that don’t play the game find it the most characterful and visually appealing of the birds. So I’m guessing a lot of players probably do too even if it’s useless.

  • Really? I find the most concerning thing is that this person got invited to dinner with the president for creating Angry Birds…. as a high achievement???? Just…. really???????!! Those poor doctors and the like.

  • Expect the cartoon and even more merchandise spin-off from that shortly. Then…? Angry Birds: The Movie!

    At that stage I suspect to crack completely.

  • She does not look happy to be be wearing that monstrosity.
    He probably sweet-talked her by telling her he was commissioning a designer to make her a unique dress for the occasion, and only showed her at the last minute when it was too late to organise anything else. 😛

    • There’s a chance she’s never played the game either, maybe the reference just went over her head. Until it was too late. 😀

  • You think it’s bad here? Take a trip to Bangkok. Angry Birds merchandise was in almost every store and stall I came across.

    • It’s not just in Asia. Sydney flea markets are FILLED with knockoff Angry Birds shit. I don’t know who buys this crap either. Who likes Angry Birds that goddamn much?

  • see, this is like, classy level cosplay. This will make all the cosplayers much much happier about taking part in their chosen pass time in public….oh god. This could end badly.

  • If I made my wife wear this she’d surely be one… Angry bird. Also she’d be angry for calling her a bird. Plus she’s sick of puns and average jokes.

  • 99% of these merchandise are fake, so you can’t really blame Rovio for that.

    I bought my gf some angry bird plushies from the online store. Her favourite new hobby is to throw them at me as soon as I walk in the door -__-

  • Angry Birds isn’t popular because it’s a fun game. It’s like the first iPod: there had, and will be, better things in it’s area, but the design made it popular.

    That said, I didn’t see 18″ iPod plush toys everywhere.

  • The dress looks horrid. The worst part is that they decided to incorporate the eyes of the bird into the chest area, and with the beak being covered up, it looks like they’re just highlighting her nipples…

  • That’s weird. I’m in Asia right now, and all I’m noticing is all the Angry Birds merchandise everywhere myself. Angry Birds pencils, Angry Birds stickers, Angry Birds thongs, Angry Birds slippers, Angry Birds fluffy slippers, and lots more which I can’t name right now off the top of my head.

  • Not sure where your located but go climbing in evolution…. Not the best for ropes but bouldering there is crazy good

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