Another 18 Screens Showcase Final Fantasy XII-2

Another 18 Screens Showcase Final Fantasy XII-2

Longtime readers know that hilarity abounds when you ask the sports guy to write about Final Fantasy. I have not once ever so much as pressed a button in this series. So here you go, 18 new shots from Final Fantasy XII-2.

The game’s “Master of Monsters” concept sounds a little bit like Pokémon to me, but I can’t say with certainty because that is another title I have never played. I’m too busy calling Fake Punt Pass on 4th and 12 against the Chicago Bears.

According to a news release included with this gallery, you’re looking at (adjusts glasses, reads from paper) “Yeul, Oerba (the hometown of Fang and Vanille), the Vile Peaks (one of Cocoon’s lowland areas), Serah’s Ultima Arrow, and the Archytte Steppe Statues.”

Final Fantasy XII-2 had its Japanese release today; it’s available in North America on Jan. 31.


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