Another MMO Has Been Hacked

Developer Trion Worlds has sent emails out to its subscribers warning them that accounts for its MMO Rift - which some people think is a damn fine game - have been compromised by "unauthorised intruders".

While Trion says that "there is no evidence, and we have no reason to believe, that full credit card information was accessed or compromised in any way", it's reset all users passwords anyway. Just in case. Though if they've been stolen they've already been stolen, in which case...

In a nice touch, while Trion does "not anticipate any disruptions to your playing time", just in case there is downtime, all players have been given the "Moneybags' Purse", an item "which increases your looted coin by 10%".

Important notification concerning your Trion Worlds account [Trion Worlds]


    Just posting a comment to make it look like someone cares...

    Really wish I could remember what info i gave them when I played the beta, hopefully nothing too sensitive. le sigh

    That image almost makes me want to play RIFT, then I remember how boring and dull the game was...

      The only thing boring and dull about RIFT was the community well the lack of. Other than that it improved on almost everything WoW had set as MMO standards especially when compared to WoW at launch and taking into account the bankroll that Trion don't have in comparison to Blizzard.

        I feel bad for Rift. In a lot of ways, it surpasses WoW. Blizzard has a stranglehold on the MMO market which is counter productive to innovation.

        Somehow I think to beat WoW, you have to NOT say that you are a 'WoW-killer or pose yourself as one. As soon as you say that people will compare you to WoW, which, while arguably worse in design, still feels much more solid all around.

          Correct me if I'm wrong but have MMO's like RIFT actually said that about themselves or is that press talk?

          Also, imo, beating WoW just isn't going to happen for quite a while regardless of approach. WoW came at a time when there was no competition. Sure, other MMO's existed but they catered purely to MMO fans. WoW managed to capture the interest of ALL gamers. Nowadays new MMO's come out but they need time to be improved, need time for a community to grow and most players won't wait for that since WoW already offers it (albeit really poorly). By all rights, Age of Conan should have blown WoW out of the water but it couldn't match the 4 years of polish that WoW had. Same goes for RIFT. TOR will probably face a similar fate.

          Basically WoW is like the iPod of MMO's and AoC/RIFT/etc are the Zens. People stick with the established brand despite vastly superior products being available. It just goes to show that you never need the best product just the headstart.

            Ah but that's the caveat isn't it Chazz, yes they lack polish but I think people expect these games to LEARN from all the polish Blizzard has put in and bring their game out to the same level or very close by. Judging by the attention span of today's gamers this initial sell point is very important. Toppling a market stranglehold will take time and I think it will get easier form this point on as the main holder is very much aging and showing. But all the other game needs to offer something different. And as we all have seen time and again, graphics ain't everything.

            Of course the WoW-killer stuff is press talk, but they didn't distance themselves form that persona either -_- Same as AION.

              I'm talking polish as in the kind you only get from several years of millions of players playing your game, finding almost every single little bug and imbalance for you. It's impossible to beat that with regular QA.

              Not to mention, the biggest issue. The community. Something that is impossible to have from the get-go. Something that will always take time.

                Well, in that case then the only thing you need is time. However the thing that developers don't have is time. Unfortunately WoW generated what's now called Video Game addiction, so either developers cool off until it dies, or they ride on the wave of semi-successful MMO before they can sucker punch the dying market with an MMO that's got that developer's polish.

                So IMHO, successful MMO lauch would be:
                Great initial storyline/mechanic --> Use the initial fanbase as BETA tester, give them perks --> Deliver timely updates (even if small like bugfixes) --> Let people build up their own community.

                Also having people who actually KNOW how to make games help. You'd be surprised how little of these kind of people exist in the games industry when dealing with supposed AAA titles...

                  WoW didn't 'generate' videogame addiction. Its not as though Blizzard stumbled across dark arcane knowledge detailing how to ensnare the minds of MMO fans. Games were addictive before WoW. Everquest, its predecessor, also did its fair share of destroying families.

                  Gaming was starting to make its way into the mainstream, Blizzard had a solid IP to use, along with a proven structure that was displayed in EQ. The rest of its success is because of its carrot on a stick mechanics, coupled with the social aspects of the genre.

                  Your procedure for a successful MMO launch is nothing groundbreaking, most of it makes up the foundation new games in the genre try to lay for themselves. If we look at Rift for example; Rift had a solid storyline and its underlying mechanics weren't dissimilar to that of WoW. Beta testers, as they often are, were selected from people who wanted to play the game, ie. the initial fanbase. Rift had a headstart for beta testers, if I recall. It also had regular bug fixes and new event content. And as far as building ones own community, isn't that why we have guilds and forums? I'm not sure what kind of community you mean.
                  -Additionally, Rift was far prettier than WoW.

                  So Rift had all the elements for a successful MMO, but somehow didn't really go off with the bang everyone had hoped it would. Which leads me to believe that because of the perfect storm Blizzard had when they released World of Warcraft, combined with the time they've had to rework their formula, and the fact that Blizzard have another MMO in the pipe to offer consumers, which will undoubtedly become a spiritual New Azeroth.

                  I expect SW:TOR to make a splash, its IP is a big help in that regard. But I don't think anything massive will shake up the market till the fall of the giant.

        Alright, maybe boring and dull was a little vague, but in the couple of months I spent playing the game on and off I was simply never pulled in.

        When playing WoW, Aion, ToR, Guild Wars, and a couple of other MMOs, I have always, at least in the beginning, been drawn in by some hook, be it an interesting gameplay mechanic, a captivating and driving story or even a wide, open community.

        Unfortunatly, at least for me, Rift never did. Maybe it was due to the lower number of Australian players but I often found the community quite lifeless and even rude during the hours I played, the classes and the way they could shift and change around was interesting but mostly convolted and the whole RIFTs that were opening everywhere that were supposedly world-threatening became annoying and repeatative after the first zone.

    You're credit card details may have been stolen by fraudsters, here have an enchanted purse

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