More Reasons To Throw Your Wallet At JB Hifi

It's hard to explain, but I sort of love shopping in JB Hifi. I think it's probably because most of my major electronic purchases were all made there: my TV, my laptop, my camera. I don't often buy games there, but I usually buy everything else. As you might expect, since it's after Christmas, JB are having a sale. The highlights? 30% off all computer accessories and 20% off all Blu-rays and DVDs.

Since it's Thursday night shopping and all, I will most likely saunter up there after work and buy a bunch of Blu-rays I will never watch. WHO'S WITH ME?

[Awkward silence].


    Not me! I make all my tech/game related purchases at the new Harvey Norman online store.


        If that's not sarcasm, I will punch you!

        Oz Game Shop ftw dudes.

    It should also be noted that Big W is having a decent 30% off DVD/Bluray save

      Big W's is 25% off DVDs and 30% of blu-rays.

    No! Bad Mark! I have enough things to spend my money on!

    I still don't have a bluray player *shuffles feet sheepishly*

      I still don't have a HDTV!

        I don't know if I should punch you or buy you a HDTV.

        Probably neither.

        When you do, man, every single one of your console games will be replayed and enjoyed all over again. It's a time of wonder and joy. :D

          Except your wii, in which case you'll be forced to go and buy a component cable solely to stave off the mass off lines that suddenly appear in the game

        If it makes you feel any better, neither do I.

    stocked up on blu-rays at JBs a couple of days ago, very impressed with the prices..
    Bladerunner (Final Cut) & Saving Private Ryan = $24
    Star Wars Eps 4-6 & Apocalypse Now Special Ed & Swingers = $87

    Best part was that I wasn't trying to get any mix n match deals or specials, I was expecting the bill to be almost double what it was... Well pleased.

      I walked into a JB once and came out with $300 worth of Blu-Rays. I now limit myself quite a lot. Last time I went I only got 2, Close Encounters and The Frighteners for $10ea.

    Mark has an interesting definition of "January" . . .

      I noticed that too, but didn't want to be that guy who pointed it out. :D

        I'm an idiot.

        I just always sub-consciously assume that the day after Christmas is January sales.

    its not it? *looks at calendar, checks body for signs of alien tampering*

    Also worth checking out david jones, i got 15 movies (blu ray) for $5 each, all decent movies as well.

    Is JB Hi-Fi paying for these advertorials?
    Post-Christmas sales are hardly something new, and this one has very little to do with games.

      Is the Grinch paying for your comments?

        Considering this isn't the first story Kotaku AU has run on JB Hifi's sales, I think it's a fair question to ask.

        I'm in no way affiliated with the Grinch, I just think it's strange that in the last month this story: (which is probably fair enough, it's a sale related to videogame)

        and this one: (which was cheaper at several places, yet Kotaku still ran with the JB lead)

        as well as the one you're reading. It's just strange to me that the JB Hifi sale is written about on here (despite having no games mentioned) while other gaming related sales (like EB's Boxing Day sale, not to mention other big outlets like BIg W) aren't mentioned.

          I'll explain: usually I just pick up on these from the Gizmodo deals. Also -- there is a giant JB close to my apartment. If I think it's relevant to games I will post.

          This story may not have been that relevant, but not much was happening, and I was keen to chuck up a post, thought I would just let people know about the JB sale. Nothing sinister.

    It makes me feel dirty... but I still shop there.

    Me? Im indie. Totally, just kickin' it with my hddvd player... :D

    jk, Im gonna totally grab some :D

      Oh man, I went to watch one of my HD-DVds yesterday...and couldn't remember where I'd put my HD-DVD player. :(

    I have about $70 worth of gift cards to use so I'll be down there sometime soon

    I have been throwing my money at valve , I have bought 16 games since the sales, probably spent around 20-30 dollars total probably less on what is close to 100 dollars worth of games.

    Look, I thought the deal was that you keep the ads in the margins and we make believe that you aren't just a business enterprise based on drumming up marketable consumers.

    I've been throwing my money at JB HI FI lately for DVD's. Just scored the entire MObile Suit Gundam 00 boxset for $23.

    Thinking of getting Battlestar Galactica complete series on Blu-Ray, even though I've got it all on DVD. HD goodness. ;)

      Battlestar is completely worth it on Blu-Ray. So very pretty.

        You've convinced me. I'm heading out to pick up BSG.

    The thing is you get 2 blu-rays for either $20 or $30 (depending on the titles) and then they lop another 20% off that. You can walk out the door paying $16 for a pair!

    I was dissapointed, went into JB on boxing day and couldn't find anything at an awesome price, hell PS3's were up 30 bucks from early december. And 20% off is pretty much their average DVD/Blu-ray sale, was thinking at least 30% for end of year sales.

      THIS has been my after Xmas experience two years running - 2009 Boxing Day I got a new Xbox for $200 and a stack of games on special - 2010 boxing day NOTHING was on sale - it's like all the specials were on for Xmas and Boxing Day Sales were for suckers who believed the sales were a lock.

      This year it has been the same story (luckily this year I learned my lesson and took advantage of some pretty good Xmas sales)

      Case in Point: Harvey Normal (of all places) was selling ipod touch before Xmas for $169 undercutting everyone else in the market - the day after Xmas... $216

      Boxing Day sales are a farce and can no longer be relied upon.

    So I got that $149 4GB Xbox and plugged in my old 8GB thumbdrive as the save data drive and I'm all set! Never knew having WiFi on my Xbox would be a sweet sweet moment...

    I picked up 2 XBOX games for $40 from JB, Gears of War 2 Game of Year and Splinter Cell conviction, now my collection is complete :)

    if you still by games from EB then you are a retard elp a retarded company, and if you whinge that Aus game prices are to high and keep importing the games then you are the problem and reason games havn't yet dropped!

      Agree first part

      Second part is stretching it, if no one imported the prices would be higher still

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