Area Man Selects Skyrim As The Onion's Game Of The Year

The people who brought you such fantastic headlines as "Burrito Eaten As If Someone In The Room Wasn't Crying" and "Brief Reprieve From Mariah Carey's Christmas Song Comes To Resounding End" have selected their Game of The Year, and it's not ironic at all: Bethesda's Skyrim has edged out the competition to take top honours.

More specifically, the list belongs to The Onion A.V. Club, and it is a cool list with a lot of uncommon (yet deserving) choices like Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and Shadows of the Damned.

A.V. Club coordinator John Teti's game of the year? You Don't Know Jack. An inspired choice, if you ask me.

The Best Games of 2011 [The Onion A.V. Club]


    come on guys. The avclub arent part of the onion. Different website, completely different approach - one is a joke newspaper, the other is a completely straight up pop culture review site. The avclub has covered this issue heaps of times.

    The peeple who wrote "Burrito Eaten As If Someone In The Room Wasn’t Crying” are not the same people who write the film and game reviews.

    I don't even think that they're based in the same city any more.

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