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You folks have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Am I gonna have a happy birthday today mark? :)

    Is the 360 update out today?

    Will the Sons of Anarchy season finale today be freakin' awesome? ;)

      Bappy hirthday! I've always been curious as to what a werewolf smurf looks like...

      All legitimate questions.

      On another note -- Happy Birthamadaay!

        Seriously though... how's your arm there Stallone?

        Thanks everyone :) got a new Doghi for karate, my son bought me some clothes and I spent the day playing ACRev and Skyrim. January brings full time tafe for a year then 4 years Uni. Enjoying the spare time and part time work while I can lol.

        Anyone else finding the ACRev controls frustrating?

    Why has this weeks TAY been acting up? It disappeared completely this morning and keeps been posted an hour late.

      Everyone Monday an editor starts a new TAY, and every day after that Elly changes the timestamp so that the same post goes up at 8:30am the next day. What happened this Monday was that we forgot to put up a new TAY until 9:20am, so when it was posted the timestamp was 9:20am. I suspect that when Elly went to update it the next day she just changed the date, not the time (because if we had done it right to begin with she doesn't even have to look at the time), so she updated the date but it was still set to publish at 9:20am.

      The reason it would have disappeared this morning is because when we schedule something for a later time, the post disappears until that time. So if at 4am this morning Elly rescheduled that post, it would have disappeared until 9;20am.

      I have since changed the timestamp to 8:30am so for the rest of this week it will appear at 8:30am.

      Well, I am sure I confused something while writing that. My apologies!

    Do you guys get a heads up on the trailers that are going to be revealed during the Spike VGA's or are you in the dark like the rest of us? Wasn't the lastest episode of Boardwalk Empire disturbingly creepy?

      The US site might get tips but we don't.

      They'd been hinting at it for most of the second season but then they went and actually revealed that it was true.

      So yes, rather creepy indeed.

      Such a great show.

    So MLG has released an infographic with the latest viewership details from MLG Providence. 3.6 million hours of content was watched over the weekend.

    Sundance (MLG's CEO) has apparently been in talks with ESPN and the event was streamed on YouTube (with front page advertisement) as well as the usual madness on their site. On top of that, when I was in a pub having lunch on Monday one of the TV's was showing an ad for an MLG wrapup show on FUELTV (the ad had a bikini girl holding a PS3 controller, which bugged me because I don't think there are any PS3 games at MLG).

    With all that in mind, where do you think this scene is going to go in the future? Is it a bubble that is going to burst or is this something that will somehow gain traction with a larger audience than those that know what a "nerd-baller" is?

      It's an awesome question. I think Sundance is a smart guy who really has his finger on the pulse with competitive gaming. I've spoken to him multiple times about this sort of thing.

      To begin with Halo was really MLG's flagship game, as that has sort of reduced in relevance MLG has cleverly moved into other areas and still managed to grow the company massively.

      In terms of presentation and the way it has managed itself, MLG is really exceptional and done everything correctly. I see no reason why they won't continue to do so. I think previously organisations haven't really done a good job of pushing e-sports to mainstream gaming audiences, but MLG gets it. They get their core audience but they also know how to present and market themselves to a more mainstream group.

      Short answer: I think MLG will continue to grow.

    Does the news/rumour (let's just call it news) of Fumito Ueda's departure from Sony concern you as much as it does me? Do you have a nagging feeling that The Last Guardian may be having serious problems? Should I be preparing an Emergency Response Plan to deal with the possibility that it may actually disappoint me when it finally gets released?

      I can't help but wonder if Majin and the Forbidden kingdom, and its subsequent sales failings had a lot to do with this. The games sounded very similar. Maybe Sony got cold feet.

      It does worry me a bit -- but I think Ueda is notorious for having massive amount of pride in anything he releases. For that reason I STILL BELIEVE!

    Your thoughts on The Clone Wars TV Series?
    Also, do you think a clone wars game made by rocksteady like the batman ones would be awesome?

      Any IP made into a game by Rocksteady if they did them like Batman would be good (quality wise anyway)

        Yeah, it's the attention to detail. Definitely some of my favourite developers.

      I actually think Clone Wars is quite a genius idea - although it doesn't quick click with me (an old school trilogy fan) my 8yo loves it and here's the thing.

      I have allowed him to watch every Star Wars movie EXCEPT for Revenge of the Sith because parts of it are just too brutal for young kids IMO, but here is having watched all the other film and now having spent the last 3 years watching this series continuing the story from Attack of the Clones. When Clone Wars wraps up and he's finally able to watch episode III it's gonna have a much bigger impact for him because he's spent all this extra time getting to know these characters and that universe.

    Any word on the Catherine aussie release? I noticed on the Australian Classification site it was givin a MA15+ Classification, whats the delay?

      Its not being released into Europe (aka us) until March next year. its been classified yes but its not finished localization

      Shoulda imported like i did.

        You might find this strange, but i'm very fussy when it comes to games I only buy region 4 Australian release games unless its otherwise impossible to get here

          Yes, I do find this strange! Particularly when the only difference is usually the classification label on the cover, and the disc is often identical (with multiple country classification labels printed on them). Each to their own though :)

          I posted a link in this article last week about how the PAL release was February 2012. So I'd imagine it will be around the same time.

    Why can I not find any copies of the Skyrim Strategy Guide in store ANYWHERE!!?!?!?! Has it seriously been that popular that they've all evapourated?! Now I have to hunt around and find my friend another birthday present!

    Would order online, but need it rather immediately.

      you can do a search by postcode to see which stores have it near you


          arrrrrrrrgh fuck Nintendo and Bethesda ;)

    What are you thoughts on U.S. Kotaku? I find all they offer are reposts from other sites.

    Also, Jones V Machida. Who you got. I've got Jones via decsion as Machida won't be able to find his range with Bone's reach.

      I think the US creates a lot of good content and doesn't get enough credit sometimes -- I love some of the retro stuff Plunkett does, I like Kirk Hamilton's writing. I also think that every now and then Bashcraft creates great stuff -- his feature about Dylan Cuthbert from QGames/PixelJunk was awesome.

      But yeah, there are things I don't like, or things I wouldn't have written/covered. That's just par for the course really. I think at times they don't do themselves a favour. I also think at times people are a bit unfair on them!

      Anyway -- JONES MACHIDA!

      My view: Machida is hard to hit. He has a chance of outpointing Bones, but it's a one in a million shot really. Let's be real -- Shogun mauled Machida twice (IMO) and couldn't even put Rampage away. Bones walked through both fighters.

      But styles make fights, Machida has a punchers chance like anyone. But Bones has that reach, and is a great wrestler. If Machida wins it'll be because he's thought his way through the fight and played it extremely safe with in and out ranged kicks.

      My two cents.

        Question: under your content sharing arrangements, do you have to upload everything they put out? I'd say about 1 in 10 articles are good, 4 out of 10 are passable and 5 out of 10 border on plagiarism by the illiterate. I remember Jason Hill at the Age saying he had a problem with the way many Kotaku articles aren't actual journalism (when he used to do debates with the Goose), but I don't think the AU site is really guilty of this. I can't help but think the site would have a better reputation if it didn't post everything from the US site.

          I'd have to agree with that assessment. Thanks for insight Mark, hope Machida can pull off the upset and hope Brian Ebersol picks up the win.

    Have you had a chance to play around with the new Dashboard? What d'you think?

    More importantly, can it understand you yet? :P

      My Xbox is still set to UK -- which is unchangeable by the way!

      Haven't checked yet -- should I go full scottish?

    What standard console specs would it take for the next iteration of Elder Scrolls to have large armies or cities?

      I imagine that would depend very much on the engine they use to make the game right? They should take a page out of Serious Sam's playbook. As detailed as they try make the characters look in TES games, they never look as GOOD as some others. Just sayin...

      Maybe it's just me but I'd rather see more detail than just size...

    Is the Kotaku video content still coming? I hope so, although I guess you guys are brainstorming on what you can do differently from other sites.

    Also is the Kotaku podcast still a possibility? Others had asked this some time ago as well and I was just curios. An end of year podcast would be great, with you and Tracy looking back on 2011, its successes, failures and what you are excited for in 2012.

    PLEASE!!! Make this happen.

      I'd love to hear a podcast too, even if it was only for special occasions.

      I remember those whispers of a podcast from an age ago.

      It'd be rather nifty to hear it. Especially because half of it would just be people trying to decipher Serrels' Scottish brogue.

      I'd like to do one. Now that I've got Tracey on board it might work!

    Just for fun, what was the last game(s) everyone bought?

    Valkyria Chronicles II for me, it's dirt cheap now.

      Arkham City PC for me, I suspect the upcoming Steam sales will be interesting...

        Same here. Batman FTW! Well, when/if the patch comes out, that is.
        I'm planning on getting the Star Wars pack during the steam sale.

          The patched version could have really eased the wait for the PC patch for Skyrim this week too. All I seem to be doing on the PC side of things these days is wait for patches!

      A bunch of PS2 games... Hmm, memory test... Zone of the Enders for $1. Zone of the Enders 2 for $1. Magna Carta for $1. Age of Empires 2 for $1. GTA Vice City for $0.60. Indiana Jones and... something... for $0.60. Jak and Dexter for $1. Jak 3 for $1. Tekken 5 for $1.

      Can't remember what else.

        Staff of Kings or Emperor's Tomb. Both flawed games,with moments of pure awesome.

          Thank, it's Emperor's Tomb. I kept wanting to say Infernal Machine but knew that wasn't right :)

    Pub Steak: Chips and salad, or vegies and mash?

      I always ask for chips and veges. Then they get confused. But chips are better than mash and salad is boring.


        it reminds me of one of my most favourite quotes of all time:
        "You don't make friends with Salads, you dont make friends with Salads" -Abraham Lincoln.

    How does the number of the TAY link get decided? This week its 159, last week was 140, the week before 150. Regulars like Community Kudos seems to go up numerically, why is TAY different? I mean, I know TAY is special, but even so, it seems weird to me :)

      hi NovaCascade,

      I'm no Mark Serrels, but I believe it has something to do with the magics.

      The CMS just randomly generates it. When we write a headline, that headline goes into the URL. If there is a duplicate, the CMS whacks a number onto the end of it to make it different. In short: magics.

    Hey mark, do you know where's the other half of our Nintendo Ambassador's Program? I swear it was "before the end of the year" which by my count is 24 days away.

    I sent a backup email about the JB card prize, wondering if you recieved my details from either the email three weeks ago, or the backup I sent this time last week? Cheers! Now, if only that JB Hi-Fi sale can hold out for a while longer... ;)

      Piggy-backing on this one, how about the email I sent last week with the new address? I don't think you ever confirmed that you got it.

      I'll see if it was sent -- it was another dude that was supposed to send them off!

    Has the new system update thingy for the 360 broken anyone elses xbox?

      Yep. I was just going to ask the same thing.

      Mine's fine... is yours running any specific, non standard, software?

      Mine's working too, took a little while to reconnect to Live, though. What's the actual problem with it?

      Not that I've heard...

        I’ve got the update but i can’tconnect to xbox live. I test my connection and it connects to the internet but not xbox live. I’ve been trawling the xbox forums and it seems there are a lot of people having issue.

          I get that. It wants to configure some cloud thing when I go to play Skyrim, downloads something then restarts to install and it won't sign into live. I end up at the desktop with no sound. I even tried unplugging my ether net cable from something and shoved that into the steaming pile to no avail. It has also made Skyrim unplayable. It's laggy and making the hard drive grind all the time and the loading images all look like they're tearing.

   -- maybe it'll resolve in time? Here's hoping any way...

    I've got the update but i can'tconnect to xbox live. I test my connection and it connects to the internet but not xbox live. I've been trawling the xbox forums and it seems there are a lot of people having issue.

      This was supposed to be a reply to the above. derp

    Hey Serrels, is the form on the site the only way to submit articles to the site or do you guys still have a direct email that can be used?

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