Attack Of The Assassin's Creed Clones

Look sir, an Assassin's Creed glitch! This was spawned during a mission in which you dress up to to kill a target.

"You are left exposed and in need of escape," YouTube user spoon01 wrote. "Well, I tried to escape and look what happened — a full fledged army spawned in to find me."

No one of them thought to look in the haystack. Spoon01 tried to take advantage of the situation by poisoning 10 of the guards for an in-game achievement, but he didn't have any poison bombs on him.

Forget the poison bombs. It was probably the fact that TK427 spoon01 wasn't at his post that gave him away!

Assassin's Creed Revelations GLITCH [YouTube]


    Funny thing is, it kind of works in the worlds of Assassians Creed and the animus..

    Something similiar used to happen to me on the PC version of AC2. Venice roof top archers magically spawning everwhere. Yeah that made Leonardo flying mission a little hard.

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