Aussie Nintendo Store: Penultimate Perfection

It's the second last week of the year for updates and Nintendo isn't letting up with the amount of great content hitting the eShop. In the past few weeks we've had Freakyforms, Pullbox and the Ambassador Games. Now it's time for the 3DS to gain a new feature, a great original third party downloadable title and a Virtual Console classic.

Nintendo 3DS Download Software Nintendo Letter Box (Nintendo - Free) You can now finally send messages to other Nintendo 3DS owners, about time right? Nintendo's done it in their usual style too, taking something that could've been boring and done it a bit differently. Of course you can send 3D messages, but you can also add pictures from the camera and even recordings from the microphone. You can't message in game as it's another program and not built into the OS.. but it's free?

Mighty Switch Force (WayForward - $9.00) WayForward have always been quick off the mark to support Nintendo's download platforms and the 3DS is no different. This new puzzler from the team promises to be great, that being said, no one has really played it all that much - but those who have seem to like it.

3DS Virtual Console Tetris (Nintendo - Game Boy - $6.00) I need not say anymore, if you don't know what this one is you need to quit gaming. Or get to work playing.

DSiWare Castle Conqueror – Heroes (CIRCLE - 500 Points) The touch screen is the perfect way to play a real time strategy game, sadly no one has really tried it. Enter in Circle Entertainment who have now basically all but stamped their mark on the genre on DSiWare and done a terrific job of it as well.

WiiWare Demo MotoHeroz (Full game is 1500 Points) I don't normally list demos, let alone games which end with Z. However this one is different, as it's another physics based bike game from the developers of Trials HD. If you don't try the demo you can never say theres nothing good on WiiWare - because this is one of the best.


    Letter Box is addictive fun! Wish it was integrated into the 3DS OS

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