Aussie Nintendo Store: Push it, Push It Real Good

It's been the Nintendo 3DS's time to shine lately. We've gotten two Mario titles in the last month, a fresh new firmware update and those pesky Game Boy Advance Ambassador games shouldn't be too far away. Nintendo is also pumping things up on the download sides of things; last week's great releases are now followed up by more. We're not big on quantity this week but both titles are of great quality.

Nintendo 3DS Original Software Pullblox (Nintendo, $9.00) - A brand new pushing and pulling puzzler from the creators of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. Intelligent Systems have indeed come up with a unique looking puzzler that, as the title suggests, sees you pulling boxes and using 3D to solve puzzles. There's also the added bonus of extra pushing not currently advertised in the title. You can even create and share new puzzles with people online. A risk at $9.00, but since when have Intelligent Systems ever let us down?

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Blaster Master: Enemy Below (Game Boy Color, Sunsoft, $7.50) - The Game Boy Color catalogue doubles in size this week with the addition of Blaster Master. It now stands beside Link's Awakening as one of only two games on the system from Nintendo's coloured portable. Join Jason as he jumps into his tank named Sophia the 3rd as they attempt to save the world. No really, that's what it's about.

A couple of interesting games that may be worth checking out; if not, how's that new StreetPass Quest going then?

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    That was a lot of text in the preview there.

      Kotaku is value for money. :P (I've fixed it, lol)

    Pullblox looks fun, might need to check it out...

    Never knew there was a Blaster Master on the Colour? None I have played since the original NES one has been good but im interested to see what its like..

    Pullblox is definitely worth it (well, maybe not for $9AU, it's 400 yen here) - a whole lot of fun. And some of the puzzles people have created are insane.

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