Bastion Is $5 On Steam

What should I do here? Should I write this post in the style of Bastion's narrator? Or should I just tell you that Bastion is now on sale at Steam and you can buy it for less than what you paid for your lunch? Maybe I can narrate you actually buying the game on Steam — that would be mad meta.

You know what — just go and buy the game if you want it. That's the message here. I didn't enjoy the game as much as others seemed to, but apparently I gave up on it too early (probably a fair criticism). It won the Kotaku readers choice award for best Indie/Downloadable game, so it's worth a bash at least!


    Word of warning though, Steam xmas sale is less than 2 weeks away, and this game will probably be 75% off at some point then.

      So that's $1.25 difference...

        I can get a burger for $ 1.25 so Bastion+Burger during xmas sounds great.

        You save $1.25 enough times and before you know it you have $10 extra!

      Honestly, I'd imagine it'd go on sale for the same price. It's worthy every dollar I paid when it came out, $5 is awesome value for such a fantastic game.

    Still.... just not prepared to put down money for this game.. I will wait for Torchlight 2

      Insert "why would you do that" memeface here.

        Torchlight 2 will eb awesome, but also a pretty different game to bastion, so both are worthwhile purchases IMO.

    Damn, one of these days I will actually have money in my paypal when these sales pop up, I swear it. Although if there's a Christmas sale soon, hmm...

    Kid sees the game going for cheap, real cheap. Folk have been raving on about it for quite some time. "Maybe it's time to see what all the fuss is about", he thinks. "Hell with it", he says.

    I bought the game. Graphics/Music/Narration were awesome, but the gameplay wasn't superb. If you're gonna make an RPG, you need to add a method for the player to grind and gain levels, so if you find a boss hard you can come back stronger. But areas blow up after you clear them, so you're basically at a set level throughout the entire game.

    Great game, but some issues with it's core mechanics. And the choice at the end felt arbitrary.

    For anyone interested here's a talk by Amir at this years GCAP.

    ...And one day I'll get around to playing all of these steam games I download when they are on special.

      Yeah i have like 70 games in my steam library.... I've played about a quater of that.

        only 70? i thought the average person was at ~100-150...

        ...i wont mention how many i have, too many.... far too many :P

          I have maybe 20? But my retail copies of games >_>

          I think I'm out of the 'average' bracket then.
          My Steam game list over the years = 230 :3

    The Kid was glad for the cheaper price... but he already bought it the other day. Been swinging his hammer ever since. Never got around to installing those guard rails either.

      Reading that in the Stranger's voice was satisfying.

    But I already own Bastion, and a signed copy of the soundtrack. But I dont have either on PC

    bought it :)

    I bought it!

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