Battlefield 3 Movie More Useful As Battlefield 4 Teaser

This fan-made Battlefield 3 movie is impressive in that they've got some realistic-looking gear and capture the little nuances of the game perfectly.

As a movie, though, it's a little boring.

Nevermind! Because it's so intent on mimicking the nature of the game, it plays out like, well, you're playing the game, HUD prompts and everything, so it's not too much of a stretch to hope that whenever Battlefield 4 rolls around, it might look a little something like this.

At least, the PC version might.


    In ten years time, the console versions will probably just look like the current pc versions of BF3 on Ultra....

      Haha troll

        No, he's not trolling. He's Right

    Please... people made battlefield 3 fan videos during 2 based on backyard movies.

    Besides, why the infactuation with dubstep? You'd think it would've died down by now, like all other things.

      Yeah, dubstep is fucking terrible. That would have been better set to some real music.... AD/DC probably or something similar...

      Remember, bitching about someone's taste in music takes you one step closer to being a hipster. No one wants to be a hipster.

        Listening to Dubstep is the definition of being a hipster.

          Please Explain.

            I was listening to Dub Step before it was cool. It's so mainstream now.

    Why would anyone do this? Lol

    It's funny when while he waits for the round to begin he jumps up and down, everyone does that.

    good ending, I think it's awesome people make stuff like this

    can't open doors in BF3 mp...
    i was expecting him to place c4

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