Behold The Custom Etched Skyrim Controller

Meghan's husband has everything. "For instance, he has two pomegranate spoons," she told Kotaku. "Two of them. I don't know why. He doesn't even like pomegranates all that much."

What do you get the guy who has everything? You get him this.

He also has a nice wife. Knowing how much her husband digs The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim and knowing how hard getting him a Christmas present is, Meghan had a local artist customise an Xbox 360 controller with Skyrim etchings and place it in a velvet-lined chest.

The chest is adorned with the game's logo as well as her husband's character name and motto written in the Skyrim dragon alphabet.

Said Meghan, "I love the way it turned out!" So do we.


    Ok, now that's brilliant. Do want.

    Of course, he'll probably be bored with or finished the game by the time he gets this present.

    now her husband logs on here and knows what he is getting

    They should sell these, its awsom.

    That case is really well done, it's a shame that the same level of care and attention wasn't given to the etchings on the controller.

      true, anyone with half a brain can use a stanley knife with the aid of a stencil, maybe at least the artist could've smoothed out the etchings with the edge of a sheet of acetate so it wouldn't look so rushed and rough....

      I made a nice velvet-lined box once, then I got an arrow to the knee.

        *then I took an arrow to the knee...... meme ruined! xD

          *then I took an arrow IN the knee
          ruined x2! :P

            uhh no

    Its a pity they did it to a shitbox controller, might as well have put a silver turd in that velvet box

      That's one of the special d-pad ones. It is not a shitbox at all. They are quite awesome.

        Don't bite. He was just gettin' all Master Race up in ya.

    I think it all looks quite tacky. I get that a lot of the specialness will be the thought and effort, but as an artist I wouldn't be happy if that was my work.

    Curious to know how much she paid.

      Neither would i. It looks like it was done at a shoe shop

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