Bethesda Promises To Be More Careful With Patches

Bethesda finally realises something Oblivion and Fallout 3 fans could have told them years ago.


Image: Deadendthrills


    Yet another one line article that makes me think that, perhaps, if I write enough comments I can start to get paid!

      Whoa there, little buddy. If you don't like the content here, you're more than welcome to leave and never come back. Nothing of value will be lost. :)

        Seriously, I love the content on here. This isn't content. This is a twitter comment at best. I've never written a comment on here as short as this "article".

        If they're going to claim to be a gaming news site, they have a responsibility to write informative, interesting and accurate articles. A single line does not come under this category.

        what is it about people who complain that people complain? Grow the hell up, people have every right to complain! Its the only way things might change.

    Wallking through Whiterun.... a naked courier walks up to me "i have a special package for you, for your hands only..."

    Before my couriers were wearing clothes...

    Bethesda what have you done?????

    Must be just a ps3 glitch. I can just imagine Bethesda sitting in their castle thinking "im sick of all these complaints about freezing issues and huge game saves.... yes yes we will fix it ps3 gamers...would be ashame if your couriers all of a sudden started only wearing underpants...wouldnt it? buhahhahahahahahahahaha!!"

    wow...this just redefines lazy journalism. I'd rather go to IGN to read about this. don't get me wrong, they're crap too but at least they don't fob you off with a single line of text...

    I'm having trouble getting the image to load, which just makes this article beyond useless to me. Good work, Luke! God forbid you make an article proper!

      So you found a page of news by Bethesda, took TWO SENTENCES FROM IT and called it an article?

        You commentators (I comment, but not at the level you guys do) put more effort into your throwaway comments than Plunkett puts into his job.

    Hey, it's yet another well-written sentence from KotakuUS.

    I wandered over to Kotaku US to see what sort of comments were over there about this "article".
    0 comments about the "article" quality.
    0 comments about the content of the article.
    25 comments about whether players have seen NPC's riding horses.

    I so appreciate the Kotaku Australia layout after visiting the US site too - it's absolutely horrible over there.

    maybe the should say somewhere how long an article is before you click on it

    Surely those whiners out there don't limit themselves to this site as thier only gaming resource?

    Anyway, speaking of glitches, I was just using my Mace of Molag Bal whilst in werewolf form.

    Take your time Bethesda. As one who cannot mod I'd prefer to wait longer for something that fixes many of the issues rather than a rushed fraction of what's necessary resulting in even more problems.

    i would prefer one sentence to reading a paragraph of boring shite about one statement.

    It is much more enjoyable for people with lives to live.

    wow the content is as big as the URL!

    *insert whinge on article length here*

    It's been a while since I've seen a patch break a game this badly. I think my last really bad experience was the 1.04 patch for Dragon Age Origins on PC. I don't know what that patch did but the game has barely run for 15mins for me without a crash across two different machine where it worked just fine on 1.03. Didn't stop me from playing another 100hr game though ;)

    It hasn't been a great year for me an PC gaming. RAGE... yikes and I'm currently waiting on either Skryim or Arkham City to be patched to be to a playable standard.

    Corpse Party on PSP is keeping me entertained. Great stuff.

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