Beyond Good And Evil HD On Sale This Week

There have been a number of price promotions running on Xbox Live this week, but few have caught our eye as much as Beyond Good and Evil HD, which has had its price slashed to 400 Microsoft Points. As anyone with taste in video games can tell you, this game is a must play.

Ubisoft's Xbox Live sale, which runs until next Tuesday, has some huge price cuts. Players can save up to 50% on some of their digital and downloadable titles. Among them include Outland (400 pts), From Dust (800 pts), Voodoo Dice (200 pts), Panzer General (200 pts), Might and Magic Clash of Heroes (600 pts), and Beyond Good and Evil HD (400 pts).

Will you be picking up any games in the Ubisoft sale? Have you noticed any other good deals in the marketplace? Let us know!

[Xbox Live market Place]


    At 400 MS I'll prob buy BGE

    beyond good and evil HD was on special a few monday's ago on cyber monday special deals i picked it up then for 240 points now that was a deal

    I bought From Dust on XBLA last night.

    Great deal. Still need to decide what I think about the game.

    would be good if i my account wasn't suspended due to MS hack

    This game was so great. Is the HD versino on Steam or just the regular version?

      With all its fancy extra settings, the PC version of the original is basically identical to the "HD" remake. It does take a little fiddling around with settings to get it running properly on 64-bit machines, though.


    Bought it on PS3 ages ago. Excellent game.

    Might grab outland, the demo was good, i got good and evil on cyber monday for 240 or w/e.

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