‘Bing, Please Fail To Find Me The Best First-Person Shooters’

‘Bing, Please Fail To Find Me The Best First-Person Shooters’

Xbox debuted its new dashboard this week, complete with the option to use the Bing search engine to find the best matches for anything I’m looking for that is Xbox-accessible.

I tested it.

The results? The voice commands worked quickly and specific searches came up with what I wanted… sometimes. The big issue was with searching in general terms (an idea inspired by Eurogamer‘s trouble finding all the best RPGs). By trying to browse using generic terms you end up with a ton of useless and outdated hits. Maybe it’s nit-picky of me, but I feel like Microsoft has to clean up the way Bing weeds out its search results.


  • Not surprising acronyms don’t work that well.. you’d have to try “role playing game”, or “first person shooter” to get the results you want. But yeah, could be better…

  • Bing has never once been as good as google for finding what I need. I’ve honestly tried to use it but it just isn’t very good.

  • Microsoft needs to realise that while people might love Xbox, they don’t love Bing. So stop trying to shoe-horn shit we hate into stuff we love because you want to integrate your platform under the WP7 banner.

  • Wow, I leave kotaku because it’s rubbish for a month, and this is the first thing I find when I come back.

    You can tell your Xbox via voice to do things, which on almost 8 year old hardware is incredible since it was patched in. Add to that, that fact it understands the Australian accent.

    @Steve. Dude, care to elaborate on that string of negative junk you wrote? I get the feeling you were trying to convey something.

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