BioShock: Infinite Trailer Looks And Sound Terrific

The upcoming BioShock: Infinite has a new trailer. It's for the VGA Awards. This is it.

The trailer looks great and features a fantasy cover of the hymn "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" It is a tad on the short side.

BioShock: Infinite will be out in 2012.


    I believe the following is appropriate:


    Why has bioshock gone all cartoony? It's no longer the dark creepiness of the bottom of the sea; it's now serious sam with machines.

      Brighter environments ≠ cartoony.

        It's no different to Bioshock 1 and 2, it's just set in the sky instead of underwater. Underwater required artificial lighting which isn't needed here. That's the only real different I see.

          Is that true, because it looks way more cartoony to me too?

            maybe its because the people are actually clean and not crazy? like what im getting is that they aren't covered in dirt so therefore their faces look brighter and more vibrant

            It does - but I think that's intended (and I haven't read anything so don't quote me but) everyone looks like they are straight out of those old "Uncle Sam Wants You" posters. Given the theme of American exceptionalism - maybe that's what they were going for.

            Well colours are vastly brighter and more vibrant considering the environment and if you go through Bioshock 1 and 2 again you'll find that people's features are exaggerated and somewhat caricatured. I'd say with the two combined it would definitely give the impression that it's "all cartoony".

      Bioshock Infinite has very advanced graphics as you can see in the video, the floating city in the Sky Columbia is bright in a horror filled way and the graphics are perfect and very realistic.

      Also the whole Gameplay trailer was rendered with the Ingame engine which means everything you just saw is actual Gameplay graphics in Bioshock Infinite!

    Sooooo pumped for this game


    I hope this has a rad collector's edition like Bioshock 2.

    It looks very wooden and uninspiring.

    Still buying it.

    So this is thier 'mad world' trailer eh? Mostly old footage too. Infinately more impressed with the gameplay demo earler this year.

      Wow, aren't you just the killjoy of the day. That's not old footage either. The art direction has improved, theres a LOT of new stuff in there.

      Killed any kittens today?

        Thanks for the lols. Now to share this link around ;)

        I agree with him, the long gameplay trailer they released a while back had a FAR greater impact than this one, the only part that did peak my interest was the new 'boss' enemy near the end, otherwise there wasn't alot we haven't already seen.

    'Looks and Sound Terific' lol
    I know what you were trying to do but it just sounds awkward. Should be
    Looks and Sounds Terific

    game looks awesome, should get to do a review on it

    Developed by Smirnoff?

    Whhhhy is it still so long til it comes out? It needs to have a model Songbird or one of those men with the wind up hands as the special edition thingo.

    I think its great to see a bit more of an interesting art style in an FPS (ish) game. Too many are gritty, (bland) and realistic (dull)
    Look at the chick. She doesn't look real, the shapes of her head and body are way off, but with those big eyes she will be very expressive.
    I love the art style and colours!

    As cool as BioShock is, enough already!! Where's my System Shock3!!!!!!!??????

    Can't wait for this. I lwas introduced to the Bioshock universe this year and I'm completely smitten by the series.

    I love bioshock, but questionable visual changes aside, the quality of the animation is very... B grade...

    I love it when the artists actually put some effort into the animation... I think anyone who has played RAGE will agree with me on this whole-heartedly.

      The graphics are AAA Grade and perfect. look very real, also for that guy who said :the chock don't look real" are you kidding me? It looks very real, its perfect and irrational has worked on the animations and graphics engine getting it to how they want it to look for Bioshock Infinite for a long time now.

      Bioshock infinite is the best FPS/Game of 2012

    It started out nicely, in an atmospheric sense and then it kind of got overly chaotic for no real reason. it kind of diminished the emotive feel at the start. Also, a lot of the combat GP has been seen before. Still....Love me some Big Kev!

      Where were you when we were quoting American Psycho again?

        Where was I? As in, what article thread? Well, in nearly all that I post in you start quoting from the movie! lol.

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