Bioware Reinstates The Star Wars: The Old Republic Grace Period For Two Days

Bioware Reinstates The Star Wars: The Old Republic Grace Period For Two Days

Earlier this week we reported on Star Wars: The Old Republic and its issues with a ‘grace period’ that was initially promised and then revoked. That grace period was designed to help pre-ordering customers awaiting shipments of The Old Republic play on launch day. Now it seems as though Bioware has seen fit to reinstate that grace period.

Greg Zeschuk, Bioware’s co-founder, announced the move on The Old Republic’s official forums.

While we’ve worked closely with our retailers in the launch territories to ensure copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic are available from our launch date of December 20th, we understand that for those of you who’ve pre-ordered, there may be a concern about getting your copy on time. We’ve heard you want a ‘grace period’ where you can continue to play without having to enter a final product registration code (AKA ‘game code’).

We’ve been listening, and after doing another deep review of our platform infrastructure, we’re taking action. Today, we’re announcing a two day grace period for Star Wars: The Old Republic customers.

This means that everyone who pre-ordered and is in the Early Game Access program has forty-eight hours from launch in which to enter their product registration code, which will be found inside the physical Standard and Collector’s Editions of the game; for digital editions of the game from, the registration code will have been emailed to you after December 16th and will arrive before December 19th at 11:59PM EST. After December 22nd 12:01AM EST, you will be required to have a valid payment method and a product registration code registered to your account to continue to play. We strongly recommend that you register your product code as soon as you are able to do so (rather than waiting until the last minute) to ensure a seamless entry into the game, a smooth experience on the account website and to collect any special gifts and items you may be entitled to based on the version of the game you purchased.

We understand that for some, your copy of the game may still arrive on or after December 22nd. Unfortunately, we cannot extend the grace period any further. We suggest you contact your retailer to discuss shipping options, if this is a concern.

You may be wondering if your 30 days of game time (included with your purchase of the game) will be affected by the grace period. The answer is no. If you redeem your product registration code during the grace period, and add a valid payment method to your account, you will begin your billing cycle from then, and you will be entitled to 30 days of game time. If you redeem your product registration code before December 20th, your billing cycle will begin on December 20th at 12:01AM EST (the official launch date and time of the game).

We know this has been an issue for some of you, and we apologize for the concerns. We’re looking forward to welcoming all of you to the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic!


Ray and Greg

In addition, Amazon, in response to the overwhelming demand, has decided to ship the game early, starting yesterday, meaning that Australian’s who paid extra for fastest shipping may end up getting their copies before the grace period ends. Maybe.

Here’s an update for customers who have pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic that was scheduled to be released on December 20, 2011. Because beta access ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on December 19, 2011, we’ve decided to ship the game early to customers starting December 15, 2011. We’ll be updating orders over the next two days and new estimated delivery times will appear in Your Account shortly after our updates are complete. These changes will be applied to your account automatically and there is no action needed on your part. Please see below for an update to estimated delivery times based on shipment method.

New Estimated Delivery Times for the Contiguous US:

* Release Date Delivery – on or before 12/19/2011 * One-Day Delivery – on or before 12/19/2011 * Two-Day Delivery – on or before 12/19/2011 * Standard Shipping – on or before 12/24/2011 * Super Saver Shipping – on or before 12/24/2011

Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and international addresses will also ship earlier than originally planned.

Hopefully this means Australians who pre-ordered copies of the game through Amazon will get uninterrupted access to Star Wars: The Old Republic in time for launch and beyond.

Thanks again to Paul McDermott.


  • Finally, something sensible. Also, Amazon are telling me my fast-shipped SWTOR will arrive on Wed 21st December ^_^

  • Amazon sent me an email saying my copy shipped today and should arrive on the 21st, and I only preordered in November so things are looking good.

  • Time for a round of Yub Nub to thank ALL parties who did what seemed pretty much impossible at the last minute, to the benefit of all.

    Onya Mark. The fans wil be with you…always! 😀

  • Dear god in heaven, a corporation is admitting they’re wrong and taking action to remedy a quick, pain-free solution to their mistake?

    The sky is falling.

  • Thanks Mark.

    Call it nitpicking, but it annoyed me a bit that they seemed to imply the grace period was a new idea, rather than one they originally had, but unexplainably ditched.

    Anyway this is good news, hopefully the expensive Amazon shipping will be worth it.

    • Historical stickler? Penny-wise consumer? Or true friend of EA/Bioware, able to see positives and negatives alike and call them on both as needed?

      I’m with you Gladice, but not all others are quite so balanced in their appraisal of the situation and its resolution.

      Amazon’s good graces and our good fortune (that they wanted to help and it was possible) helped clean up the majority of the problem that they didn’t have to fix, as they didn’t make it.

      Some on the boards seem to now breezily dismiss any of their fellow gamers who worked constructively to try to improve this situation for all parties – including EA/Bioware and the future viability of this as yet unproven MMO – and lump their praise solely on EA/Bioware’s lap.

      Of course, despite the circumspect statement from the Drs that seems more about sympathy and largesse than a true accounting of events, the fact remains that they concede that feedback from customers sped the plow. How about that? It’s like some kind of symbiont circle or something! 😉

      So long as a meaningful number of us are alert to the risk of future inconsistent and unclear chicanery in official communication, and are wiling to encourage and reward the best efforts of SWTOR’s makers to better manage this MMO, I think we’ll muddle through okay.

  • It may still cause disruption to people in more out of the way locations but hey, its better than it was so I’m happy

  • The way I read this, if you enter your code at the start of the grace period it expires 30 days later. If you enter it at the end of the grace period you’ve effectively been given 2 free days as it expires 30 days after that. I will be holding off entering my code until the grace period is over.

    • How can you read it like that? It specifically refers to your situation:

      “If you redeem your product registration code before December 20th, your billing cycle will begin on December 20th at 12:01AM EST (the official launch date and time of the game).”

      How could that be any clearer? I’m seriously concerned with how that can be misinterpreted…

      • How can you not see it?

        What you quote is obvious. You redeem before 20th and your billing starts the 20th. If you redeem your code on 21st your billing starts the 21st. The 20th to the 21st is therefore a ‘free’ day as it is in the grace period. Therefore I will redeem on the 22nd, getting 2 free days. My billing will therefore be 30 days from the 22nd.

        Making sense yet? Easy stuff here…

        • Oh, my fault, I assumed the Early Game Access was 18th and 19th, tbh, i’m not really keeping track. My fault. However, in the first sentence of the paragraph he makes a point of saying that the grace period won’t affect the 30 days of game time, so I think that’s the real message to take home here. I think trying to squeeze 2 extra days of game time out of it is really penny-pinching. Added to that, everyone man and his Ewok (^^) is going to be trying to enter their code at that point, so you’ll probably end up denying yourself about an hour of actual game time by trying to squeeze an extra 2 days.

  • Have EA announced a prper release date for Australia yet? I have looked around but I can’t find any date and all the threads on the SWTOR forums seem to have been deleted.

    • Nah there was some guessing that it was going to be in frebruary but I’ve got no idea where that came from, changes are it’ll be the middle of next year. Certainly long enough that if you want it, you might as well save money and get it earlier by importing

  • Colectors edition has shipped from amazon, 21st delivery. Good that bioware backed down, but the comunnity will remember that you tried to renege on a promise.

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