BioWare's Next Game Is Command & Conquer: Generals 2

Just announced at the Spike Video Game Awards, BioWare's next project is a Command & Conquer sequel entitled Command & Conquer: Generals 2

The original Command & Conquer: Generals was released in 2003 for the PC and Mac. That game depicted the US and China as allies in the near future, fighting against the terrorist "Global Liberation Army". The first Generals was critically well received.


    What is with the presenter at the end?

    Frostbite 2 would make a great engine for Generals. I just hope they take a page out of Men of War's book.

    I hope Tim Curry is in it! Red Alert 3 was unbalanced, but damn was it fun.

    I would build a new PC for that.

    Generals was the best C&C game I reckon.

      Absolutely best RTS game ever made. I preferred the basic, no Zero Hour expansion. How about yourself?
      Still play online today. Really well made,


        Your name reminded me of that hero unit for GLA. That sniping ability was handy.

        This game had some sweet music too.

        I never played Zero Hour actually! I see a lot of love for it in these comments though.

    Holy shit if those were in-game graphics.

    Generals and its mods are some of my favorite games.

    My pants... I need new ones. Give it to me now, you filthy human worm babies!

    What a waste of developer talent.

      There is no waste of talent. Bioware Victory (previously called Victory Games) was set up earlier in the year to continue the C&C franchise. Bioware is a powerful brand and EA wanted to capitalise on that brand.

        thats why its a waste of talent you show be extremely sckeptical of this tactic. this si not being made th real Bioware, its just EA using the brand name of company that use to be good to try and dupe gamers into buying a new game.

        Ive read 2 "exclusive interviews sofar and both are fill with the same bullshit PR speak you hear EA and Activisonsay on every other game they make.

    heres the number 1 question: Can we mod the game or will we beforce to deal with BioEA's bullshit DLC. Remember Frostbite is far too complex for modders because stuff and shit according to DICE EA.

    My arse it's a waste of developer talent. Bioware has been dead for a long, long time, and this is obviously EA throwing off all pretense and admitting Bioware is just another EA studio.

      The goddamn ship has crashed into the mountain.

      Is this a different game dev called Bioware that I'm not familiar with that you're referring to?

        Correct, apparently. Shame on you EA.

        Reminds me of the "Robert Ludlum" book I bought at the airport once. Do they not have false-advertising laws in the US?

    Bah to the BF3 engine. means no mod's which imo ruin's half the fun.

    Just wait until they tell us their is no LAN and everything run's through a Chrome window

      Then we can all QQ more about how PC gaming is dying then pirate anyway right?

        Bah Whoever spout's PC gaming is dying is a moron.

        There's plenty to be happy about in the PC realm, Just be nicer if the big companies like EA and Ubisoft stopped treating us like shit.

        PC gaming is only going to get stronger. Especially since moving forward, console's are going to become nothing more than hardware locked PC's. And when digital Distribution arrives properly in a decade's time. Piracy is going to be just as rampant on consoles as it will PC.

          Mmmm I'm thinking this will be like civ V. A great game constrained by the need to extract every last dollar from the buying public.

          Origin... Probable DLC units, constant internet connection, new old "studio" that's never made an RTS before...

          Woot!! I'll pick it up when it's $10-20 with it's expansion pack like I did DOW2, C&c 3 and red alert 3.

    Oh bioware, this is the result when you sold your soul to the devil

    ME 3 & DA 3 probably the last game that i would play from bioware just for the sake of continuity of the saga

    Loved the first generals game. Still play it today! Hopefully this one is just as good.

    :'( Video removed by user.... *sniff* I'll just imagine all the cool graphics and dramatic music of the trailer

    Trailer can be found here:

    All I can say is... Wow... DICEs new engine sure is versatile...

    in game footage, my ass!

    The C&C Franchise and all off-shoots began and ended with Joe Kucan. EA are just whoring someone else's name around to make money again.

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