Blow Stuff Up On The Sharqi Peninsula In Battlefield 3’s Back To Karkand DLC

After debuting first on the PlayStation 3 last week, the re-mastered Battlefield 2 maps of Back to Karkand hit the Xbox 360 and PC today. The video above gives a tour of the Sharqi Peninsula locale, with tons of on-foot and vehicular mayhem to be had. Owners of the Battlefield 3: Limited Edition get Back to Karkand for free; otherwise it costs $US14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.


    anyone else have the issue where you apparently didnt have all of the game files?

    queue's were at +20 per server last night too..

      Yeah bro I had the same issue hopefully it will be fixed today/tonight.

      I played it safe and went and spent some time in Anor Londo instead (Dark Souls). Felt less dangerous than trying to get an EA game to work properly. I'll give it a couple of days before I start wrestling with it. I have no doubt I'll have a blast but I cbf dealing with all the issues first.

      Are you sure it was unlocked for you?

      If you bought it through Origin, you should have been able to play last night.
      If you bought it in a retail box, you will get it on the 15th.

        It doesn't seem to matter how you bought the game. I bought a boxed copy in store and I was still able to play last night. The only problem I had was the lack of aussie servers and the big wait to get in.

        Incorrect, I got a retail box from EB in Sydney, and I was playing on Wake Island last night.

    Server fixes should be out today. EA scrambled and released 4 separate server-side patches yesterday. Hopefully all goes a bit better.

    Believe they're looking into the "You're missing local game content" error message.

    And the queues were massive because everyone was trying to get on the servers as soon as they were updated.

    There were less than 20 Aussie/NZ servers up after about 7:15PM - Queues were @ 75+

    My Server didn't come online till about 7:45PM because GameArena was getting slammed.

    I think it'll be fairly civil and easy to get online tonight.

    I love the new maps, only had time to play Wake Island and Karkand - Bloody Awesome!

      Karkand was fantastic, and looking forward to your server coming back up =)

      Can't say I was a fan of gulf of oman though, remembered it being a bit tighter but this one is sniper heaven.

        People just run up the top of that giant sky scraper under construction and snipe all mate. You end up playing a game with like 5 people on the ground actually doing stuff, rest of the team up on that building sniping and being useless.

        You know what this tells me? The community has changed immensely since BF2. Sniper spam seems to be out of control. And it's not like these guys are any good either. I don't think I have died to anyone up on that skyscraper once, and if I get fed up and switch to my recon class to get rid of those guys up there I end up sniping them all with no opposition.

        Rubbish players with rubbish tactics ruining a good game.

          "snipe all mate" was meant to say "snipe all game"... GG brain.

          I'm seeing the same thing, me and a mate run a two man squad and primarily go after each flag, by the end of the game we often get Ace Squad with ease, and through the whole time playing met little opposition. Half the time i just wonder what the rest of the team are doing and where they are, since the team is full of engineers that dont do repairs, people playing assault who just walk over and not revive team mates or recon trying to kill people with MAVs. Then there is also people who drives tanks over enemy mines after its clearly shown on the minimap, chopper gunners who do nothing...and the list goes on.
          Too many treat conquest like TDM and it annoys the crap out of me.

    I've paid for it already and it says I have access but... it then tells me I need to buy the expansion?????? wtf?????

    I played last night and it was AWESOME to have some real Battlefield maps. The only server I could get on was a US one. All the Aussie servers had 20+ people in que, I saw one with 165 people waiting.

    I managed to get on within a minute of battlelog coming back online, played for a good few hours. No problems for me (altho a few mates had the dreaded 'missing content' errors, which went away when we moved servers o.O)

    Absolutely love the new Karkhand. So many sneaky alleys and building areas to flank enemies in. Fond memories came flooding back with this one (esp the conquest assault game-mode).

    Oman is a lot more open now, sniper heaven yes, but being primarily a vehicle map, it's easy to ignore them and steamroll the team full of useless snipers (or switch teams if your team is >50% sniping).

    Only played 2 rounds of Sharaqi and Wake on Rush so didn't get to see everything they had on offer, but plenty of time to get reacquainted with them as the week rolls by :)

      I was one of "said mates" with the error, but after clearing the cache on Google Chrome a few times then logging in and out it cleared up and let me into a server :)

      awesome fun maps and not having played BF2 didn't really know my way around. but rad fun all the same.

      Good that they are very much different from the BF3 maps too, so they compliment well

    If DICE and EA keep this up, adding more maps (BFBC2 snow maps!) and more weapons then people will keep biting and I can see the community growing. The new maps really do add so much more to a tired map rotation.

    Not sure if it was related but ps3 servers went to shithouse last night after the pc and 360 got B2K. Servers kept dropping and not recording stats, having servers where only one gun per class was present, and only having about 5-6 servers available for conquest (down from about 13 pages usually).

    Also i'll be waiting for people to see how OP Famas is right now and the arms glitch with the QBB and MG36.

    for those who are struggling to get it to work, this was my fix, as it claimed i was missing files too,
    so i went right click on the game in origen and click repair install,
    this will then downlad all that is missing, im my case 14.6 Gb guess i didnt get that patch, lol, but now it works,

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