Boy Goes Shopping For Batman Game, Gets Punch In Face

I've never been a fan of Black Friday, it's a celebration of everything terrible world: consumerism gone wild, so wild these days that it can lead to violence.

Take for instance, this story out of the Chicago area:

A 13-year-old boy went to a local Walmart with his father in hopes of picking up a copy of a "Batman game", I'm betting it was Batman: Arkham City, only to get punched in the face by another shopper, an adult apparently.

The teen was waiting outside the story with a group of people when one of the people in the group, an unidentified man, warned everyone there that he was going to shove anyone who got in the way of his getting the game he wanted.

The doors opened and the group made their into the store and to the video games. When the boy reached for the game he wanted, the man punched him in the face and then ran away.

Man hits teen over video game in pre-Black Friday rush [Triblocal]


    reason number elevnty hundred and six I'm happy to live in Australia as opposed to the seld described greatest country on earth.

      What is a seld described country?

        Perhaps it is an abbreviation of seldom?

    Does anyone proof read their articles anymore?

    waiting outside the story
    in the way of his getting the game
    the group made their into

    LOL... Its' crazy I tell ya!

    I find it hard to believe that some 13 year old tween would go out of his way to pick up a good game over Modern Warfare 3!

    ....yeah I just wanted to get one more cheap shot in :P

      Good on him for not picking up MW3! Its so irritating, not because they're using voice chat and they're 13, its more so the fact that all you hear from them is constant immature whining and 'your mum' remarks. or other idiots that decide to play karaoke revolution on MW3 voice chat. If they could just play a decent game, and have something a bit more witty to say, I wouldn't have an issue at all.

    "the man punched him in the face and then ran away." that basically describes the batman game doesn't it

    hit then climb back up to the roof....

    Walmart seems synonymous with degenerated society and random violence/stupidity.

      If you ever want to stare into the face of the true horror that is humanity, google 'The People of Walmart'... there's a blog/site where all it is it pictures of people seen at various Walmarts around the country.

      It will murder your soul.

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