Brendan Brewer Works Hard For The Money

Brendan Brewer he works hard for the money. So hard for the money...


    How much for a quick, dirty seven out of ten?

      Free copy of the game and a t-shirt.

        No kidding?

    So he better treat me right?

    Much obliged.

    Nothing like a spot of Saturday afternoon humor to remind the old heart to laugh at what the old head already gone and forgot. One more thing, what do you make of all this? I mean, what’s it all about? A desperate man and his backdoor deals? That don’t add up. Not yet, at least. Maybe not ever.

    Did somebody make this up? Did somebody make this up in their mind? No kidding? I'm just trying to get a look at this from somewhere else, maybe even somewhere that don't add up to nowhere in particulars.

    I’m kind of pressed for time, and I really need to run along. Much obliged.

    Does anyone actually get paid to review games? Apart from gamestop.

    This strip is about as funny as testicular cancer. Please stop posting it.

      Just stop looking at it.
      Easier than looking at it, getting cranky because you didn't find it funny, and then typing out a comment about how unfunny you think it is....

    I got my hopes up when this was not posted last week.

    I live in hope that one day this will be funny. No such luck yet, though.

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