Brink Is Free To Play This Weekend

Brink Is Free To Play This Weekend

Brink will be free to play on Steam this weekend commencing 10AM PST today through to 10AM PST on Monday. Those who play the game during this period will also be able to purchase the game at 75% off.

The free weekend is in celebration of the launch of the Clans and Tournaments features which are now available in the game. Players can get started by visiting this website.

[Bethesda Blog]


    • I played this on PS3 for a while. It’s good fun – certainly not up to the standard of TF2 in terms of longevity, but a fun game nonetheless. Besides, you can pick up the complete pack including all DLC for US$7 – give it a bash, how bad can it be?

    • Its one of them you love it or hate it…

      Personally i would find it hard to offload the $5 for the game cuz it just dosnt do too much to me when i play and it feeld very lacking..

      Im reinstalling now to give it another spin… but we shall see if its worth my $5 or not…

  • I preordered it for PC with a friend of mine, but it turned out to be a pile of rubbish. Bad level design, bad net code, poor weapon balancing, stability issues, etc. console versions might be better.

    It’s only saving grace was the cool art style and character customisation, they were pretty cool.

  • It’s $7 w/ all the DLC. It’s not the best shooter of all time, but that is a freaking bargain in my books!

  • How rude! Brink just started re-installing its self on Steam. $7 I guess its time to buy it and stop waiting for free weekends.

  • It’s a good game. At first you have to play as a bog-standard character to unlock abilities and body types which is annoying. Then you have to do training levels to unlock weapon mods/addons… which is annoying. But once you get past some of those failry minor annoyances, the game itself is very good. The magic behind the movement system takes a while to shine through as something more than FPS parkour, but it really is very cool.

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