British Listing Teases Mortal Kombat Re-Release

British Listing Teases Mortal Kombat Re-Release

The UK’s classification authority granted an 18-rating for a “Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition” on Friday, hinting that the title is due for a re-release that would, customarily, include previously released DLC.

Mortal Kombat, which released in April, later offered a “Klassic” DLC pack that included four downloadable characters plus additional costumes for the base roster of fighters.

The British classification was listed for a January 17 launch.

BBFC rates Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [CVG]


  • So my thread on the Mortal Kombat forums and tweeting at them helped.
    You can all thank me when it’s released on our shores.

    • Unless of course one resides in Australia in which case the game will not be legal here unless the R18+ rating finally arrives.

      And before anyone shoves the “just import” card at me, games that are refused classification (or are even unrated) are considered as prohibited goods thus can be seised at customs and fines send to those who ordered the goods.

      • Well yeah there is a gamble but personally and from reading online, no one seems to have had a copy seized. Hell mine came through at the time when customs were apparently looking out for it with Mortal Kombat actually printed on the label on the parcel and it still got through.

        Also from what I read on the matter (anyone with more info can correct me if I’m wrong) the fines are related to bulk imports and repeat offenders not one-off instances of a single game.

        • You are correct with the part on the fines. Only bulk and repeat offenders.
          Also I got a USA copy from play asia, the one with the book ends. Huge box with Mortal Kombat written in big letters and it was at the same time as you got yours, at release when they where looking.

          I heard the people at customs don’t give a hoot for the same reason most normal people wouldn’t. Politicians and the ACL don’t work at Kustoms <- see what I did there…..

          • mine was seized…twice. and with threatening letters from customs and the federal police saying i’ve been bad and am a horrible person. they do care….. unfortunately

          • Wow that is unfortunate.
            I had a mate get 4 copys, the arcade stick, bookend, pom statue collectors and the steel book and yet none of his from all different sources got noticed. I would say go through ebay where someone can mis label it Hello Kitty Adventure Island unless you envetually got one through.

          • Proof please. Pretty much everybody on every forum/article I went to in researching this to import it had people claiming they had the game siezed, yet they never provided any proof.

      • No wrong! It is prohibited from sale in this country, not prohibited from possessing. I imported it as have hundreds maybe thousands of people.

  • I believe i was the one who wrote the reader review about the game only a few days after it got released thanks to speedy FedEx courier system that was extra fast due to the impending Easter Holidays

  • Hopefully we’ll have an R18+ rating just in time, then.

    [And I know a few people who got one into the country – zero people who got seized.]

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