Burglar Tries To Steal Xbox 360, Pulls Knife, Gets Stabbed A Shitload

An overnight worker in Chicago came home to discover a 20-something year old burglar attempting to make off with his flat-screen TV and Xbox 360 in a suitcase. That's when all hell broke loose.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the resident confronted the burglar in the apartment foyer, and the crook pulled a knife. Then, to defend himself, the resident pulled his own knife.

The fight carried out into the street, and it was broken up after officers spotted the two.

The burglar was repeatedly stabbed and was taken to the hospital, where he was placed in critical care. The victim, the Tribune reported, explained what happened to the police. No charges have been filed.

Cops: Burglar loses knife fight after taking resident's TV, Xbox [Chicago Tribune Thanks, Dave!]

(Top photo: Crocodile Dundee)


    Serves the burglar right.

      i agree

      I also agree. You wanna break the law, you wanna rob a guy, you wanna pull a knife on him when he tries to protect his property? You deserve to get stabbed.

      + 1 to that.

      He deserved nothing less. Wanna break into someone's house and take their stuff? Pay the price.

      I doubt you've been to the US recently. The guy genuinely could have been stealing just to eat. I'm hesitant to judge. I also agree that the other guy had a right to defend himself though.

        So the fact he pulled a knife and decided to fight it out still means its ok?

    ... How small was the TV to fit in a suitcase?
    Alternatively, how big was the suitcase to fit the TV?

    If this happened in Australia and the burglar died from his injuries, the resident would be convicted of manslaughter. Such is the screwy country we live in.

      Actually if this had happened in australia the victim would be going to jail . . . Victims of crime here have no rights when it comes to reasonable force.

      I think you're right. Defence of property is really tricky. Dammit, I want to be able to say "Get off my lawn".

        It wasn't in his house where he pulled he knife, it was in the foyer. So the home owner brought a knife with him, In Australia, that would be premeditated murder if the burglar died of his injuries!

          Not necessarily. The accused could argue self defence, in that he reasonably believed he would suffer grievous bodily harm or death after the burglar threatened him with a knife. It is a complete defense to murder/manslaughter.

            I did machete/knife/arnis training. Defence argument is invalid if you are carrying the knife. It's called intent. Even if its in your drawer beside your bed, and you grab it to defend yourself, it's intent. Grab it from a display rack in open view/access or the knifeblock in the kitchen however, and it can be argued as defence.

              Even aware of this fact as explained by my instructors, I still keep a knife/machete/arnis within reach beside my bed. You walk into my room unannounced when I am asleep and you will be going to hospital, regardless of any law to the contrary.

      There is a point where defending yourself crosses the line into "Die you XBox stealing bastard!", that's when things can get a little out of hand.

    Don't get between a man and his XBOX dammit

    You tried to steal an American's video games? Dear god, what were you thinking

    Did anyone else do their crocodile dundee 'that's not a knife' bit after seeing the pic?

    Dude must have his 1H skill at 100. Burglar should spend more time leveling Light armor.

      The Burglar might have been leveling it, but then must have took an arrow to the knee

        Lucky it was only his electronics and not a bloody sweet-roll.!

          Classic reference of the day to you sir *nods head*

        I love how quickly we got a replacement for "Die criminal scum".

    I used to burgle then I took a knife repeatedly.

    see this would have been justifyable homicide IF, read the IF part again, IF they'd left the commando perk in the game

    Just lucky it wasn't a playstation!

      Don't get me started!

    He clearly didn't want to lose his Skyrim save file. Or his ME2 one, this close to ME3.

      If it was a playstation he probably would have let it go because his Skyrim save is probably borked anyway.


    Last edited 18/06/15 12:53 pm

      LOL me too pretty much the Segal knife fight from Under siege lol

    Headlines like this are why people think games cause violence. He tried to steal a TV too, and would likely have tried for more had the owner not returned.

    If someone stole my Xbox 360, I'd leave threatening messages for them on my Xbox Live Account.

    Then hope they were stupid enough not to turn off/change the settings on my phone which they were sure to have stolen as well and proceed to forward their location to the police.

    I used to steal Xboxes but then I took a knife to the knee...

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