California Pulls Portal Prank On New York

In Manhattan's Greenwich Village neighbourhood sits Alamo, a giant cube sculpture by Tony Rosenthal which dates back to 1967. The artwork, a.ka. the Cube, lives not far from New York University, The New School, and few other landmarks. It's been in music videos by Cypress Hill and other groups and has been the subject of a few pranks, including one that turned it into a giant Rubik's Cube.

This morning, the latest stunt involving Alamo turned it into the Weighted Companion Cube from Valve's popular Portal games. Oversized swaths of fabric covered one of the city's most famous sculptures in the beloved inanimate object's signature hearts-and-squares. A note from the Caltech Prank Club claims responsibility in the distinctive language of Portal's Aperture Science corporation. Sadly, there wasn't any cake to celebrate the occasion.

The Cube has a sweater been turned into a Weighted Companion Cube* this morning [Welcome to the Funhouse]


    I like.

    Very, very cool.


    This must mean half life 3 is coming!

    *goes and sniggers in the corner*

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