Call It A Hunch, But EA, LucasArts And BioWare Probably Aren’t Making A Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

Call It A Hunch, But EA, LucasArts And BioWare Probably Aren’t Making A Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

Australia’s classification board has received an application for an M-rated game entitled “Paper, Scissors, Stone,” to be published jointly by Electronic Arts, BioWare and LucasArts. As amusing as the concept is, this is most likely Star Wars: The Old Republic, which will not include Australia (nor any countries outside North America or Europe) when the game launches Dec. 20.

Back in July, EA declined to commit to any timeframe for an Australasian launch; companies are known to file ratings applications under code name before they’re ready to announce a launch date (EA recently did so with NFL Blitz in the U.S., calling it Madden Playbook Creator. The listing says “Paper, Scissors, Stone” involves “science fiction themes, violence and drug references; Online content variable.” That sounds like a certain MMO that rhymes with “Schmold Schmepublic,” but what do I know.

For now, the game due to launch in three weeks isn’t region locked, so those who can get their hands on a copy may still play it Down Under, even if it is not formally available there.

Paper, Scissors, Stone registered by LucasArts and BioWare in Australia [Joystiq]

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  • On the other hand, why would they bother hiding it? It’s not as if the Old Republic is a secret, and we know it will get an Australian launch at some point.

    • It could in fact be the new CnC/RTS game Bioware is rumoured to be working on. Rock paper scissors referencing hard counters between different unit types.

  • Not sure how relevant this is, but a bunch of friend and I got to be weekend testers for SWTOR, all of us living in Australia.

    Obviously, there were only European and American servers, but I got to give it a go and all that.

    • I was playing it as well, and despite some absolutely crippling lag occasionally, which I put down to my own unstable net connection rather than the servers, it was quite fun to play, though I didn’t get very far at all…

    • Everyone who applied for the Beta got it 🙁 I thought i was special too lol they were just doing load tests I think, to see how much the servers could handle. Location didn’t really play a factor in the beta key release

      I barely got to play it, spent 90% of the weekend downloading it lol

      • Nah I was one of the special ones, I got into the 5 day beta they ran a month or 2 ago for australians & new zealanders so nyah!

        I also had some lag spikes in this beta that I didn’t get in my last one but I think netspace might have been on fire lately (at least that would be a forgivable excuse for the dismal service over hte last week) so I tend to blame my ISP more than the game.

        Overall the game itself is still excellent, really strong voice acting, good story, some great light/dark options in places (and dumb ones in others) and absolutely buckets of content* with comparatively little padding that isn’t just travel time.

        Once the beta was over my first thought was NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!, my second was “Okay, I, a man who doesn’t like social interaction much and likes multiplayer even less am preordering this massively multiplayer online game” and my third was “Oh wait, I did that right after the LAST beta”

        *And by buckets of content I mean it. I played the smuggler exclusively (and solo if you’ll pardon the pun) in the first beta and you start on ord mantell, I finished that planet after about 2 days and moved onto coruscant, finished that in about 2 and moved on to nar shaddaa which is one of 2 suggested mission options to start your story in act 1. There seemed to be a lot more to do on nar shaddaa and it was a lot harder so I spent the rest of the beta scratching the surface of mission 1 in act 1 (of I think 5) of character 1 of 8. In the second beta I played the republic trooper who starts on the same planet just to see how different it is, you essentially share some of the same side quests and thats it, totally different story and missions for everyone. Granted they use the same locations which is a bit of a shame but its only practical

        • Agree about the enormous amounts of content. Played the Knight for about three days and only just got to the second planet.

          The Jedi Knight and Consular shared sidequests and the starting location (all classes share it with another class, I think) but the main quest is completely different and is really well done.

          I normally don’t play a lot of multiplayer games (and SWTOR is my first MMO, Runescape aside :P) but I was even tempted to try out some of the group questing and boss fights, because they fit into the story so well.

          • ahhh, your netspace is being a shit as well. Thought I was having pc problems…..freaking internet

  • I was in on the beta testing weekend too (from Australia) so they must have been doing a user experience check of some sort?
    In the anycase, it looked very very very good from what I played.. I don’t think I could invest any time into an MMO these days though..

    • I believe that the most recent weekend was as close to an Open Beta it is going to get – most if not everybody who signed up to be beta testers got in. I’m not sure if the country your account is associated to make any difference though. Mine is American and I got into the two most recent weekends, but I didn’t get into the Oceania weekend a month or two ago for example.

  • I think this is just Lucasarts having a bit of fun with it. Return of the Jedi had a fake working title, Blue Harvest, so I’d say it’s harking back to that.

  • I’m surprised none of them had cashed in on the idea brought about by The Big Bang Theory and made a games called Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock!

    • They may not be playing the traditional game, something more like papercut beats eyeball, scissors beat genitals, rock beats skull…

  • As another one of the Aussie beta testers I have to say that its perfectly acceptable (lagwise) for an aussie to play I had about 80ms during last testing phase.

    My settings were all max and the computer didnt struggle in the slightest. The download was about 25gb but with a decent connection it only took me about 6 hours to download.

    I also did a reader review of the game and sent it to kotaku but apparently they didnt want it :'(

    • 80ms??? I got 280ms and thought I was doing well… not that I told them that in the post-beta survey… “yes, it was laggy as hell and MUST have aussie servers! This is an outrage!!1” etc…

    • wow 80ms? i was usually getting 250ms. it ran very smoothly and i never got any lag spikes. i was so impressed, i went and bought the game off amazon.

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