Call Of Duty Creators Tease New Game With Second Blurry Image

Back in the Summer Respawn Entertainment, home to the creators (and many of the developers) behind the Call of Duty and Modern Warfare franchises, teased their upcoming project with a single image.

There's now a second one.

It's about as useless as the first, but given the expectations around whatever it is Respawn come up with out the gates, there's no shame in staring at it for a while projecting your hopes and dreams into the blur.

While I could see factories in the first image, in this one I see...well, there's two men in the bottom right. And the sky. So it'll feature men and skies. If I was going to be adventurous I'd say I could also see dinosaurs and a jungle, but I don't feel particularly adventurous today.

Respawn Entertainment [Official Site, via NeoGAF]


    It's like an episode of "Remember this" but nobody can remember it because we've never played it...

    umm... the dig 2?

      Hahaha! Reminds me that Space-balls was on tv the other night. I tuned in just at the scene where they choose to find out where the princess is by watching the movie space-balls.

      'There's a new kind of video rental technology. The video is available BEFORE the movie is finished!'


        best movie and scene of all time! xD


      Only if it's based on the book. In the book Johnny Rico takes not one, but TWO goddamn classes on History & Moral Philosophy. Imma get all up in that!

        Man that book was awesome...

          It's my fourth favourite after Cryptonomicon, Catch-22 and Stranger in a Strange Land.

            I couldn't enjoy Catch 22.

            I tried, Christ did I try, but it just seemed like nonsense.

              It starts making sense after the first few chapters, plus it skips around a fair bit. I've read it so many times I don't really have trouble following it anymore.

      What makes you think it will be a starship troppers game ?
      Loved the movies and that one fps game (whose name i can't remember).

      Also, please dont let them remake the film....fuck Neal Moritz

        I don't remember what put the idea in my head, but I've been saying the IW guys should make a Starship Troopers game for ages. Their flair for epic battles and set pieces just seems to fit.

    Looks like they must still be using the COD engine. ;)

    That looks like they just applied the call of duty brown/bloom filter twice.

    Looks like blurry concept art to me, gimme screenshots or it doesn't exist!

    So how many nukes are we going to launch this time?

    seriously almost could imagine a mech in this. add that to the cog like mechanism from previous not blurred image. Who knows, maybe the march of the mechs is continuing.

    its an AT-ST walking through a forest, i swear

    Ohhh it's a sailboat...

      HAH, stupid kid, it's a schooner...

        a schooner is a sailboat, stupidhead...

          No Francis, that's a car. And its underwater

    I'll eat my hat if it isn't a CoD clone in the end.

      I have no doubt that in someway it will feel/look like cod. But he guys have always expressed and interest in a "space" game. So scifi fps is the best bet.

    I'm seeing a mushroom cloud in the distance.

    Something with guns, mustaches and explosions I bet. Won't sell much because its not Call of Duty... casuals dudebros don't even care who makes them.

    I see a guy on the left raising his arm, facing a large mushroom cloud in the background on the right.

    Lolshit, that teaser image has been there for atleast 3 months. I saw it AGES ago. And yes, its the new image not the old one. Surprised no one on Kotaku noticed :|

    Wow, we all get to look at a blurry image.

    zoom in.


    Problem solved.

    Looks like a nuke going off in the jungle with palm trees in the foreground. Either that or what the world looks like if I take off my glasses.

    another money grabbing COD episode... have fun with that kids.

    Call of Photography: Shitty Photos?

    So where is the graphics filter reverse engineer genius. Isn't it true you can reverse Gaussian blur so we can see the image clearly?

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