Call Of Duty: JB Hifi Tells It As It Is

Well, it looks like we can all go home. Critics, journalists, writers — the games press can retire, because JB Hifi is doing a wonderful job of filling in our shoes and Telling It Like It Is.

Personally, I really like that JB staff have a bit of fun with their game reviews. I took a photo of this review last week while I was wandering through the store being mistaken for a sales assistant (there must be something about me that screams "I know where things are"). I have been unfortunate enough to play Call of Duty, so I guess I can hang onto my consoles. For those who haven't played it, I guess you are n00bs and should sell your consoles.


    just think, i was just about to spend $500 on xmas gifs in JB.....oh well, of to wow sight and sound i go

    haters gunna hate

    Tracey how could anyone mistake you for a JB salesthing?, not nearly enough tatoo's or pierceings unless yourve grunged up since I saw you in goodgame.I mean seriously JB have to the only place were at the job interview they say "sorry but your appearence is to professonal".

      Everyone there is either rocking a punk look or the geeky, indie kid one.

    When are they going to increase the level cap on a COD character? Being stuck on 1 for every game just feels so underwhelming.

    People take these a little too seriously. I love seeing the silly things they write in their reviews. Its all just a bit of fun...right?

    Granted, nothing beats the Gears of War 3 limited edition cover art they made a few months ago.

    Has ANYBODY noticed yet it's the Wii version being reviewed?

    I always get asked where things are when I go to places. I wear a black shirt and pants for the store I work at but as soon as I go into another store during a break or whatever people ask me questions.

    I usually just let them know I don't work there but give them a hand anyway. Karma or something I guess. :P

    NERD RAGEEEEEEEEE lol i say COD is shit and for one lacking in creativity and sence of warfare
    every 6-8 months a new one comes out and the older games become obsolete its just the same stuff over and over again with the same textures dont hate on me cause im no fanboy xD

    Anyone else remember the test Microsoft carried out a few years ago and discovered that people playing FPS tended to do better than those playing FPS on a console??

    Oh and the Wii is great as a "social" game console - especially for kids.

    Someone's a CoD fanboy.

    I used to buy those Call of Duty games, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

    ...what? What do you mean that meme's done it's dash? Awww...



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