Call Of Duty Maker Gets Teabagged

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 picked up the award for best shooter during Spike TV's Video Game Awards show tonight, but not without causality.

The rules of the VGA acceptance speech are: If you go past your allotted time, a cosplaying soldier teabags you on stage. When Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling blew the time limit, he tossed the award to Michael Condrey, co-founder and chief development officer at Sledgehammer Games, and ran off stage.

So it was Condrey who took the crotch to the face as presenter Charlie Sheen grinned and watched.


    As if bf3 didnt win, how much does one of these awards cost?

    I know it sold shit loads, but its done nothing new and nothing for genre.

    "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 picked up the award for best shooter"

    The same way Transformers 3 should win the Oscar for best picture obviously. I know gaming is still a fairly young medium but a little taste would do wonders for our credibility.

      You are asking for taste in an award show hosted by Charlie Sheen with people being teabagged on stage. I am pretty sure WHO won is irrelevant by that point.

    Yeah alot of people that love call of duty even went, yeah what's the big deal this year man? It's like any awards show, it's not a real award it's just marketing to promote product, boost celeb status etc etc. I say we all just let it go perhaps?

    causality? really? I'm surprised no one caught that yet...

    I love how he said they were working hard in the studio constantly updating the game when MW3 is pretty much a map pack for MW2. Ah well..

    Award shows very rarely give awards to those deserving of them, and when they do it feels more like a coincidence than a well thought out decision. It doesn't matter what medium the awards are for, it's all the same bs.

    Oh great now the video is blocked. Thanks viacom, you pickle smokers.

    In case anyone hasn't noticed, BF3 is the biggest piece of crap ever to hit consoles. Graphics, sure, they look pretty on PC, but even the introductory sequence was a pixelly piece of crap on my 1080p LED. BF3 = Waste of $90 and hours of my life hoping it would get better at some point.

      Are you really complaining that a game looks dated on a console running hardware from 2005?

      You're clearly everything that is wrong with the progression of gaming.

    Call of duty killed my parents, caused poverty, blah blah boo hoo etc

      No way! Me too! Wanna come over and see my secret hideout cave and then go fight crime together? It'll be the best!

    RAGE LOL up for best Shooter LOL LOL LOL LOL.

    with the amount of game ruining bugs in BF3 it really didn't deserve to win...
    i'm not CoD fanboy but BF3 has left a bad taste in my mouth so i'm not too upset about this :)

    MW3 deserved the win :D

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