Call Of Duty Says Happy Holidays With Double XP And A Prestige Token For Elite Members

Premium Call of Duty Elite Subscribers got a couple stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve for use in Modern Warfare 3. They'll get an extra two hours of double XP play, and a Prestige Token that can be redeemed for more XP time or other perks in the game's Prestige Shop.

Beachhead Studio and the Call of Duty Elite team sent out the notice to subscribers earlier this afternoon, so if you are one, check your email. The goods have already been deposited into your account. The two hours of double XP will kick in next time you play the game. To see your remaining time, visit "Barracks" in Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer menu and look for the gold XP icon at the bottom of your player stats.

The Prestige Token has also been automatically added to Elite subscribers accounts. Again, choose Barracks from the multiplayer menu and then Prestige Shop to see what you can buy with it.


    And the PC players continue to get screwed...

      It's Call of Doody, you're not missing much. There are better games.

        Says Eevee's worst evolution.

        P.S. I'm not counting anything beyond G, S or C since all the games afterwards equally contend for worst thing to happen to a popular franchise ever. :P

        I enjoy MW3 on PC, and I want my double XP (FoV would be nice too).

        Of course there are better games than Call of Duty, it's an FPS game if you haven't noticed already.

    Merry Christmas, fixed that for you.

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