Can Minecraft's Creator Make A Game In 48 Hours?

What's next for Markus "Notch" Persson now that he's stepped away from Minecraft? Find out during the 22nd Ludum Dare game development event next weekend, where Notch will stream creating a game in just 48 hours. [Twitter]


    Maybe he could make a tutorial for minecraft instead?

      hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though you are 100% right... an in game crafting guide/recipe book would be ideal for beginners. there seriously is a severe lack of direction... god bless youtube...

    I reckon he can, it'll be a clone of someone else's game but im sure he can spaghetti code his way to something game esque.

    Well he's done it before. So there is nothing stopping him.

    I just checked his twitter and I think he meant that he'll be streaming himself making a game from scratch in 48 hours, meaning that he's gonna start the stream in 48 hours of him making a game.

    It's tricky to make a game in 48 hours... though ludum dare allows you to use libraries and middleware of your choosing. For notch that no doubt means he can use the guts of minecraft to start from.

    Having your own tech is a great place to start from.

    Have I stepped in a time portal? Didn't he already make Prelude of the Chambered for Ludum Dare earlier this year? (

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