Can You Trust FedEX With Your Nerdy Shipments?

Do not trust FedEx with your deliveries. I had shipped out a NES coffee table to someone who bought one, and upon receiving it, they ignored the "This side up" stickers and delivered it on it's side.

They also had stacked a large and very heavy box on top of it, tweaking the table inside. There were minor damages, some splitting and chipped paint. I had him ship the damaged table back to me and I got to work making him a new one.

A few weeks later I completed a brand spanking new table and shipped it off to him.

This time I was not messing around. I painted in HUGE letters on every side of the crate "THIS SIDE UP" and "FRAGILE".

And guess what? Here is a picture of the lousy FedEx guy unloading the improperly stored crate from his truck.

Luckily the table was not damaged. Probably because I was forced to overbuild this one beyond all necessity.

A few days pass. I return home from school and I see that the original damaged table had made it back to my house for repairs.

But what's this? You mean you morons could not even fake that you shipped it correctly? For God's sake, even if you shipped it with the wrong side up, at least fake it and put it facing the right way up at the delivery site!

The crate was in complete shambles, barely even holding itself together. The heads of some screws were even broken off! This is a testament to how brutally they have treated this crate. It honestly looks as if they put it on it's side, and rolled it end over end up my driveway.

Sadly, the contents were in even worse shape than the crate itself. The NES table was destroyed, damaged so badly that it is not even worth repairing.

THREE TIMES they shipped my packages on the wrong side. Prior to shipping I had even called the corporate office to verify that they will not have any trouble shipping a package with the weight and dimensions of these crates. They reassured me that it is no problem.

So now I am stuck in insurance limbo. They had told me that they will have a truck come out and pick up the damaged remains of what once was my coffee table on Monday.

I just had to provide the original item, original foam encasement packing material, and original packaging. It was impossible for me to crate it back up in the condition it was upon receiving it. The crate is better now than it was when I got it.

They had me specify where the table will be located so they can pick it up. It was sitting in plain view from the street on my driveway. They documented it's location. They then asked me for a contact number in case the driver cannot find it. I supplied them with my number.

So then Monday comes around. I sat around all day and no FedEx truck came to pick it up. So I called them and told them I had to leave the house, and the package is there for them whenever they need it. I came home late that night to find it still there.

The next morning I went out and could not be home.

When I returned home mid day, I find a door tag on my door saying, "This is our second time out to pick up this package and we missed you."

Strange. I never even got a "First missed pickup door tag." Did the first driver see the crate and just say, "F**k that, I'm not moving that big hunk of junk"?

So then I called them and told them there is no way they could have missed this package twice. They said they would send out another truck the same day, with barely any apology.

I sit around the house waiting for the truck to come, but it never arrives. At 7 o'clock I head out to the gym, only to come back and still seeing my sad little crate sitting on my driveway.

Is this how your delivery company should treat their customers? Did I cut off a FedEx truck on the freeway and now they have beef with me?

Down with FedEx.

Matthew Borgelt, general dabbler in all things nerd. He has an ever-growing interest in retro recreations, photography, technology and gaming. If it beeps and has pixels, he am a fan.

Republished with permission.


    As an importer of all things geeky I've certainly had my fun with FedEx, DHL, UPS, EMS.....

    DHL are by far the worst then UPS. FedEX are quite decent and EMS is the gold standard.

      My experience has been that UPS are good (even delivering on Saturdays), DHL are okay (had a few packages get a bit squashed by them), FedEx are terrible and EMS is just Australia Post express mail once it enters the country and so the local guy cards my stuff immediately without attempting to deliver and then makes me wait 24 hours to go around to my local post office which is staffed by old women who treat you like crap because you're making them do their jobs instead of sitting around bitching about young people.

      Most of my packages come from Asia and not the US though, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's a fair bit of regional variation.

    I get stuff from play-asia, and FedEx are awesome. They deliver really quickly and I get my games like 2 days after shipping. Tis great, way better than the free shipping on OzGameShop.

    For anything bulky (in my case, guitars) I've found USPS to be the best. FedEx and UPS the worst.

      USPS are great, express via the EMS network is always my preferred way to go to get bulky stuff from the US.

    Some delivery services just suck.

    They'll claim they tried to deliver something and you weren't there, when you were. Throw stuff around. Etc...

    Some of these companies really need to lift their game.

    In other new the US post service has about a year left before it goes completely belly up.

      PS: Isn't privatisation awesome?

    In my experience the UPS workers are the ones who actually give a damn and will do their jobs properly. (Leaves packages on the porch where it can't be seen from the road and will leave it in a plastic bag if the weather is nasty)
    FedEx tends to do a mediocre job... just enough to get by. (Throws the package on the driveway)
    USPS is by far the worst. (You're lucky if it makes it to your house at all, let alone in one piece and unopened. Also, it will be sitting at the end of your driveway, the edge of the curb, or even in the gutter because the driver couldn't be bothered enough to get off his seat so he just threw it out of the truck.)

    Fedex is the worst and their Customer Service people obvioulsy just do not understand what that expression means. Customer Disservice is probably more appropriate.

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