Canabalt Parkours Back In Time To The Commodore 64

This isn't something done for internet shits and giggles. It's an "official conversion" of awesome death simulator Canabalt running on... the Commodore 64, one that will soon be going on sale. Like, it'll come on a cartridge. Amazing.

If you'd rather just play it on an emulator, you can do that right here.

C64anabalt - Official conversion of Canabalt for the C64 [YouTube — Thanks Nightwheel!]


    I was only thinking WHY?
    There is more info on the Youtube link ...

    "The game was created for RGCD's 16KB C64 Cartridge Game Development Competition 2011. The limitation of 16KB file size meant that there was no room for sound effects, but pretty much every other feature of the original was squeezed in. The open source code was used as a reference when programming this conversion, so the building generation and physics are as close as possible to the original game."

    ... oh, ok then.

    This is cool.

    Nostalgia hit! It's been a long time since I had to type some code in to start the game.

    Thanks for the positive write up :) The game project page can be found here:

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