Capcom Is Opening A Bar. A Real, Drinking Bar

Japanese publisher Capcom will next year open a bar in Tokyo's bustling Shinjuku. It'll be a sort of cultural and public relations outpost for the company (which is actually based in Osaka), as alongside food and drinks based off Capcom properties it'll also host public events.

The bar, which is called... Capcom Bar, opens on January 25 in Shinjuku's Pasela Resort.

Hopefully it'll stock some of Capcom founder Kenjo Tsujimoto's claret!


    So do they give you have a drink at full price then charge you again for the rest?

      Is see what you did there..

    Way to rip off the Mana Bar Capcom. Stay classy.

      ...Companies like Konami and whatnot in Japan, have been doing this sort of thing for a long time (sports clubs, saunas etc etc).

      It's Mana bar that is unorigional.

      Is having more pubs like Mana Bar _really_ such a bad thing? Who cares who did it first, as long as places like this exist?

      But maybe they'll actually make it a decent bar and a good place to socialise. Y'know, unlike Mana Bar.

    Bad design.

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