Carcassonne Gets Its First iPhone Expansions

German board game Carcassonne is getting two new expansions for the iPhone and iPad.

The River will cost $US0.99 and adds 12 new tiles, which are played right at the beginning of the game, laying out a river that divides the game board and adds new strategical challenges which affect the rest of the game.

Inns and Cathedrals, which costs $US1.99, adds 18 new tiles — some of them featuring the eponym inns or cathedrals. Inns double the value of the road they are next to. Similarly, Cathedrals add a point for each tile in their city. Both of these elements make the game riskier, making incomplete roads and cities lose their value altogether. The expansion also features a double follower that can be placed on tiles, counting as two normal pieces.

Carcassonne is also getting a number of free updates including a kid-friendly easier mode that lets players disable scoring of fields. Another mode disables the assistive features of the digital version to make it more like the table top version.

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