Carcassonne Gets Its First iPhone Expansions

German board game Carcassonne is getting two new expansions for the iPhone and iPad.

The River will cost $US0.99 and adds 12 new tiles, which are played right at the beginning of the game, laying out a river that divides the game board and adds new strategical challenges which affect the rest of the game.

Inns and Cathedrals, which costs $US1.99, adds 18 new tiles — some of them featuring the eponym inns or cathedrals. Inns double the value of the road they are next to. Similarly, Cathedrals add a point for each tile in their city. Both of these elements make the game riskier, making incomplete roads and cities lose their value altogether. The expansion also features a double follower that can be placed on tiles, counting as two normal pieces.

Carcassonne is also getting a number of free updates including a kid-friendly easier mode that lets players disable scoring of fields. Another mode disables the assistive features of the digital version to make it more like the table top version.


    Anyone know if the multiplayer is cross platform, iOS, Android, BB??

      I'm not sure, but I don't think it is.

      Greed Corp, I think, is "cross platform" in that you can play iOS to Apple computer, but not truly cross platform so you can't play iOS to PC. So I doubt this is cross platform. I'm pretty sure when I send a game invite to someone who doesn't have it they get an App store link in the email.

        I've tried a few times with my iPhone to a mates Android, it doesn't seem to work cross platform

    I downloaded these last night and can attest that the implementation of these and the new features is seamless. I guess this is why they took so long. When they do it, they do it right.

    If this was the only game on my iPhone, I'd still be happy.

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