Chastened Gaming Rep Paul Christoforo Responds To Internet Infamy

Chastened Gaming Rep Paul Christoforo Responds To Internet Infamy

“I want to clear my name. I want to get these people to stop bothering me.”

That was the main message from Ocean Marketing’s Paul Christoforo, a former representative forN-Control’s Avenger controller attachment.He gained immediate infamy among the Internet gaming community after a hostile customer service email exchangewent viralafter landing on popular gaming webcomic Penny Arcade.

In a matter of hours, Christoforo went from being just another customer service agent to a focus of ire for thousands of gamers. Christoforo was featured in mocking images and videos, and the Avenger product he was representing was hit with widespread derision and negative Amazon reviews, forcing the company to publicly drop Christoforo as its marketing representative.

A chastened Christoforo is now looking for forgiveness from the Internet community he unwittingly antagonized, saying in an interview with’s In-Game he was “caught on a bad day” and that he hopes they will “let sleeping dogs lie.”

“They’ve pretty much ruined me in the past 24 hours,” Christoforo said. “It was humbling a little bit, but life goes on. I’m not going to die.”

That doesn’t mean Christoforo isn’t still feeling the effects from becoming a household name in certain corners of the Internet – effects he says he was actively dealing with for17 hours straight yesterday. While Christoforo said blocking his Google Voice number stopped an early flood of harassing phone calls, he’s received over 7,000 e-mails in the past 24 hours, some containing threats against him and his wife and two-month-old son.

“It’s caused me more annoyance than anything else, but there are some threats and a lot of disrespect,” he said. “My son’s two months old … that’s uncalled for, you don’t bring him into this situation.”

Christoforo said his wife’s Facebook page has been hammered by friend requests from people trying to get at him, and the shared stress of the entire ordeal has led to at least one major argument between the couple.

Yet despite all the drama, Christoforo said he hasn’t lost any of his other accounts, aside from Avenger. “It hasn’t affected my business yet,” he said. “Clients have brought it up, but they’ve mainly laughed about it. I haven’t lost any clients.”

“If I had known, I wouldhave treated the situation a little better.” Referring to the email thread that started the whole mess, Christoforo said that he didn’t know who he was talking to in his initial, flippant response to Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik.

“I didn’t know who that guy at Penny Arcade was,” he admitted. “If I had known, I wouldhave treated the situation a little better. PAX is a great show. What he does is what I’ve been idlolizing since I was a kid. It’s admirable he’s put that together. He has a lot of connections, ones I want too.”

Yet while admitting he handled things badly, Christoforo said he also felt the situation could have been different if Krahulik approached the situation differently.

“He called me a bully, but he was being a bully …especially when he emailed me out of the blue, saying ‘That’s f***ing s***ty, you’re banned from PAX,’ I was like ‘Who the f*** are you? That’s how you introduce yourself? … I dont want to call him out, but he could have gone about that a totally different way, he could have said, ‘Hey, I run the show, that email was a little unprofessional, if you don’t do something to apologise I don’t want you at my show.’ But he just came at me and said, indirectly, ‘Hey, f*** you, you’re banned from PAX.’ Is that what you’d call professional? I wouldn’t.”

Christoforo also said his response was driven in part by what he saw as the disrespectful tone of the messages that came before it. “Not that I don’t have respect for anybody, but if someone’s badmouthing me or being a little punk or being a jerk, they don’t deserve respect,” he said. “You can’t expect to go up and say ‘Hey you piece of s***,’ and expect respect. Send an email, introduce yourself. … I trust everybody until they give me a reason not to respect them.I’m not a tough guy, not a bully, but at same time not going to take s*** if it’s uncalled for.

Regarding the litany of names Christoforo’s e-mail called up as potential supporters – a list that included everyone from Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski to the mayor of Boston – he said the tactic was meant to “impress, not to threaten” and didn’t come through correctly because “you can’t see tone of voice in email.”

“I don’t know the mayor of Boston,” he admitted. “That was taken totally out of context, I was just joking around. I am from Boston, though, and I know a lot of people people who own clubs. I know some influential people, like the guy who runs the door at the convention centre.

“Maybe it was because it was email, maybe on the phone it would have been different story … it would have nipped everything in the bud.”

Looking back, Christoforo is still a little shocked that what he thought would remain a private email conversation got blown into an Internet event the way it did.

“If this didn’t get escalated to Penny Arcade, it would have never gone viral like it did,” he said. “Ultimately, if I was able to control the customer, it never would have happened. I’ve dealt with thousands and thousands of customers with similar complaints, they were all asking the same question. When is it big enough that it hits the news? When it hits Penny Arcade, when it hits a guy who has the biggest affiliations in the industry.”

Moving on. Despite the harassment, Christoforo says he still respects the gaming community he says he’s been a part of for decades.

“I still love the gaming community, and this is not going to change my mind,” he said. “I do think these people were a little bit excessive with the spam, digging up personal information, calling me. Not to put anyone down, but I don’t know what kind of lives these people have. …Ultimately it doesn’t affect the way I think about anybody. I don’t have any hate or bad will for them, but it’s a little bit sad that they didn’t have anything better to do than attack me.”

Christoforo said he’s also been able to laugh at some of the funnier parodies and jokes at his expense out there, particularly a well-made videofeaturing an over-the-top actor playing an exaggerated version of him.

“I’m not depressed at people making fun of me,” he said. “It’s like a parody of Barack Obama. It’s making me more popular. I’m not doing anything to stop it, and it is kind of funny. … It’s not the end of the world, and it’ll be old news soon, but it’s hot news now, and I do see the lighter side of it.”

While Christoforo didn’t completely rule out legal action against Penny Arcade and the sources of some of the more vicious Internet slander and threats, he said he probably will not actually call an attorney. That’s partly because he’s not sure there’s a legal case to be made, but also because he doesn’t want his name dragged down any further, he said.

“[Legal action] is something I’m not interested in doing because the community would be more pissed at me,” he said. “Regardless of money [possibly won in a settlement], it would really ruin my name. Am I saying I care more about my reputation than money? Yes.”

But Christoforo also sees some potential positives in all the negative attention he’s been getting. His Twitter account, which has now changed names twice because he was “sick of the tweets and stuff coming in,” has been getting a lot of new followers from the controversy, he noted, a situation that may be beneficial down the line.

“If these people stick with me and follow me, a couple months down the road anything I say is news,” he said. “If it gets me somewhere else that I wouldn’t have been where this happened … it’s negative now, but controversy and bad news is news and that’s just the way it is. Look at all the bad press from people in entertainment industry that turned into something good. Whether I do charity work or something good, I don’t know.”

In the nearer term, Christoforo has entertained the idea of doing some Internet videos himself, and even considered going to PAX East, held in Boston this April, with a shirt tauntingly saying ‘I’m Paul Christoforo’ on it. “I’m not sure I’d actually do that, since I don’t want to get in any fights,” he clarified.

So what lessons has Christoforo taken from his brush with Internet infamy?”I’ll definitely stay away from customer service emails,” he said. “I could have nipped this all in the bud by being a little nicer. You never know who knows who, and lesson learned. We all have bad days and they caught me on one.”

“At the end of the day, I’m a human being, and it feels like the entire world was bullying me,” he said. “Iwant people to like me, I don’t want people to think I’m a bad person. … I made a mistake…. I hope I can make something positive out of it.”

Kyle Orland has written hundreds of thousands of words about gaming since he got his start with a Mario fan site at the age of 14. You can follow him onTwitteror at his personal web site, Republished with permission.


  • So, he starts his emails with no respect for people… then expects respect back? No matter what he says, we know he’s done the same thing before. We know exactly what he’s like. No apology will help this runt.

      • My mistake, well spotted.

        I humbly apologize for these proceedings. If I could do anything differently, I would. Because now my reputation is ruined. I did nothing wrong, though.

      • Pffft who the f*** are you? He’s been spelling c*** since you were a sperm in your daddy’s balls, don’t you go telling him how to spell c*** etc etc.

      • “No apology will help this runt.”

        This Jerk’s not trying to give an apology, he’s trying to GET an apology.
        Absolutely amazing. Too bad he’s married, I know just the girl for him. She’s Indian, rides MetroNorth from Westport to NYC and is named Hermon. Remember her famous line in the video of her? “Do you know how educated I am??!!!!”

        I love the internet. It’s outing all the jerks who think they can say and be whatever they want to and stay anonymous. An unintended consequence for societal good.

        Paul Christoforo, hmmm. . . I won’t forget.

    • Lol, that’s why he hasn’t lost anyone else!

      I might be biased but this seems to be just a politer version of the last half of the email conversation following the same pattern.

      “It’s not my problem, this was your fault! I’m so good you can’t hurt me! please stop hurting me!”

      I do thinks it’s wrong to attack him through his wife and/or kid and I don’t think he deserves all the flack he’s likely getting but he has said/done nothing to make me feel sorry for him either.

      • he still says that its not his fault through the entire apology. he seriously doesnt know what he has done wrong. his whole apology is just him saying where everyone else fucked up. SORRY BRO WE HAVE ALL READ PENNY ARCADE, WE KNOW WHAT WAS SAID.

      • You’re right, his family don’t deserve this. He does, though.

        We have proof that this is not a one time thing. He disrespects his customers at every turn and then cries when he gets politely told he’s being a dick.

        He is a bully and deserves to be treated with all the ire he is getting. If he could shrink away and apologize for his actions, learn from the mistake he made of treating people like rubbish, then we would cool down. As it stands, he can burn.

  • Paul, I made a video of you announcing your presidency. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time and my friends weren’t around to help me so that I could do it press conference style. I think I really captured your essence though. Hope you like it.

  • If this were a one off, which it wasn’t, or if the apology didn’t feel like “I regret treating someone well known in the gaming community badly”, I might have more sympathy for the guy. If the the guy managed one of my products, I’d drop him like a ton of bricks.

  • Notice he didn’t try and defend his crappy grammar in all those emails.. He just pled like a convicted man for understanding.

  • While I’m all for burning the guy, I think bringing his wife and son into the firing line isn’t acceptable. They had nothing to do with it.

  • He has done his dash as a businessman and I sure hope he doesn’t get sympathy or any form of respect back.

    He lies as it being an ‘off day’ is just cover up story to save his ass, all lies. So he deserves what he gets.

    As for his family and the product. None of this should have involved them, only him.

  • “Not that I don’t have respect for anybody, but if someone’s badmouthing me or being a little punk or being a jerk, they don’t deserve respect,”

    I think that quote sums it all up pretty well.

    • This guy is a piece of work, he sees himself as blameless and is only sorry he got caught. He’s not sorry for being the douchebag he is though.

      His spelling is funny though.

  • Let’s face it based on the number of responses coming out indicating that they received shit emails as well, I don’t think this was an isolated incident, the I’m not a bully thing won’t fly, though he is being bullied and harassed, some of it likely going to far (just the way this stuff works).

    To be honest reading his responses, still don’t think he gets it. This just reads like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Sucks to be you Paul, sucks to be you.

  • 1) I hope no-one leaves him alone until he loses all his clients
    2) He criticise Gabe for being unprofessional? Hypocrite
    3) He’s an idiot who deserves it (except attacks against his wife and son whom are innocent in this)

  • It’s a bit too late to ask for respect when he shows none to his customers. Stating that if he’d known who Mike Krahulik was he would’ve behaved differently just shows where the problem is – he should be treating all of his customers decently, not just those who can do something for him.

    No his family shouldn’t have been involved. But he doesn’t deserve to stay in business, he has no idea that he’s done anything wrong.

    • Totally agree. All customers deserve the same treatment. Too bad businesses don’t always do it that way. Corporate client.. here let me get that for you… Small business client… Here my assistant will try to help you when he is available… General public… Here call this number and talk to the call centre people….
      Sad but true.

  • There we go folks, a lesson in how to apologise and still be a douchebag at the same time. He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson and the only thing he’s sorry about is being exposed. Nice how he makes veiled comments about people on the internet having no life. I hope you enjoy the unemployment line, Pal.

    • and another point I would like to raise. I read every email that Mike sent when he got involved. He handled the situation just as any head of a major event should, You cut out the damaging influences, it would ruin the atmosphere.

      • This just in, look what this douche wrote on his twitter – “OceanStratagy Paul
        Just becuz you babies never get off your computers doesn’t mean anyone worth a damn cares about this”
        46 minutes ago

        • Delusional too:

          OceanStratagy: You remind me of the fat pig losers that hate on Kim k and Paris for their fame and success #jealousmuch?

    • Doesn’t actually sound like he’s remorseful at all. He just kept saying how he didn’t appreciate how influential Penny Arcade is, as if that matters. Bullsh*t.

    • “OceanStratagy Paul
      Just becuz you babies never get off your computers doesn’t mean anyone worth a damn cares about this”

      The Search Engine Gods have a different opinion. Ask them about “Paul Christoforo OceanStrategy”

  • “Not that I don’t have respect for anybody, but if someone’s badmouthing me or being a little punk or being a jerk, they don’t deserve respect,” he said.

    Goes both ways boy

  • Even if you looked at him purely from what’s in this article, his attitude and language is so crude and aggressive that I have to wander who’s stupid enough to actually hire this guy for absolutely ANYTHING to do with the PR of your company.

  • This person is not someone who I would want working for me in any manner. If he doesn’t lose his other clients, then they are clearly businesses with no respect for their customers. They should also be boycotted, until he no longer works in the industry he claims to love so much. Any chance that is the next step on the warpath?

  • He’s full of shit. This isn’t the first time he’s been an asshole to a customer who hasn’t received their goods, and Mike never told him to fuck off. Mike emailed Dave to say that Ocean wouldn’t be at PAX!

    In fact, Mike is the most civil out of all 3 of them in that email trail.

  • Maybe it’s personal bias, but his apology sounds incredibly douchey. The old ‘If I’d known who I was talking to…’ line is a big fail. If you can only manage to be even remotely civil to people with ‘connections’ you want to exploit, that’s pretty tragic.

    I keep reading his words with the voice of the perennial 80’s guy from Futurama. And now I’m safety dancing. Do you see! Do you see what you have done!

    We can dance, Do do DEE dad do do DEE.

  • Also, why back of his wife? She’s enabled his a-hole personality by marrying him AND she’s passed on his genetic material to another generation by letting herself get seduced by his mayor of boston, 125 staff PR team line.

    Wait a minute ‘Christoforo’…



    OH MY GOD!

  • “If I’d known I was talking to somebody who could end my career, I might not have hurled abuse at them.” That’s pretty much what this ‘apology’ boils down to.

    No sympathy at all.

  • Hey, this reminds me of highschool. Where the bully was called out on what he was doing and he tried to manipulate it aroud to make it sound like he was the victim.

  • What’s crazy is that nobody feels sorry for him in the gaming community. he basically is an asshole who got caught being an asshole and now he’s dealing with the consequences.

  • This guy actually has the nerve to call someone out on unprofessionalism?!
    What a total wanker.
    As for his son being brought up, he did it first. Reap what you sow, idiot. If you can’t handle the backlash, don’t act like a keyboard warrior in the first place. Now you’re getting everything you deserve.

  • Hahaha it’s like watchng an avalanche, your career is the little village at the bottom of the hill Paul.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Mike was a dick for the way he handled this? They know full well the power of a Penny Arcade news post so it seems really petty to bring a little argument into that spotlight like this. I’m not defending this Paul Christoforo guy but it seems like a really childish, unprofessional move when he could have just been a regular dick and smashed the guy privately.

    • ‘smashed the guy privately.’
      That would have accomplished nothing, Paul would have told both of them go outside and play a nice game of find and go f**k themselves, and then go back to abusing customers. He did it before with previous customers (look what he did with Nate), and had Mike not shined a spotlight onto it, he would still be doing it.
      Plus I can’t blame Mike for being upset, as I personally, would be pissed if someone dropped my name while verbally abusing a customer. It’s pretty much saying “these people agree with whatever I am saying, and we all think you’re a douche bag” So I can understand why Mike, the editor for Kotaku , IGN , Engadget,the mayor of Boston and etc might take offense with him using their names in his poorly written written attacks.

      • That would have accomplished nothing

        I’d argue that it would have accomplished something in that the PA crew do have some serious weight long before they reach the public stuff, but the more important part is that it wouldn’t have accomplished this. Blowing the guy off the map professionally over one e-mail chain seems dumb to me but oh well. I won’t cheer it but that’s why you should act like a professional.
        However pointing this cannon at a guy, knowing full well that anybody standing near him is going to be obliterated, is a whole other matter. This went too far the instant it hit the PA website.
        Mike later posted something along the lines of ‘hey, I think we can all agree his family is off limits’ but the truth is he knew those lines and more would be crossed. Mike just didn’t think about it until after the fact.
        This has much larger ramifications than Paul Christoforo not being able to work in the industry or answer his phone/e-mail for the next three months.
        There’s a whole business down the drain here. How would you feel if you got to work and found out your boss sank the ship? Whether or not he had it coming wouldn’t matter to you.
        His wife has already fought with him about it. If they break up most people would agree he deserves it. We’d all have a good laugh because we’ve stuck the face of every loudmouth we’ve ever encountered on him. ‘Haha, jerks wife left him’. You know who probably won’t laugh? His wife and kid.

        There are actual human beings involved in this mess.

        [Again, not defending the guy, just pointing out how this is a terrible thing to do to anyone. If we were talking actual weapons pointing the internet at someone like this would be a war crime.]

        • meh, the guy is done. Any company with any sense of responsibility will google search and vet people they want to do business with. Google searching will kill this guy. He’s done.

          • I don’t think there IS a business to be ruined here. All of these “other clients” and none of them speak up to say anything? His whole website is plagiarized and clearly just copied from a template (grab some text from the about section, take out “Ocean Marketing” and do a google search. ALL of the text is copied from other sites. The Media Cartel, for one — the whole “about” section is from that site.).

            I think this guy is a sleazebag, has no idea what customer service actually entails, and every word out of his mouth makes him look worse. This whole interview just smacks of “it’s not my fault”, and with that attitude, the PA mention was probably the best thing for all the unsuspecting people he may have dive-bombed under the guise of “business”. He’s supposedly in PR, but has a healthy disdain for the public… it makes *all* PR people look bad.

            (That said, no. No, people should not go after the wife and kid.)

        • I understand what you are saying and in other situations I would probably agree with you, but in this case I don’t think going directly to the company with this would have done much if anything. From reading all the articles floating around, I picture it like this. Here we have the teacher and creator David Kotkin,realizing that he just created an amazing product, and wants to take it to the market. I don’t know about you, but haven’t known many teachers that would have the time or the know how to start, and run a company alone. So he does what any other person would do in his shoes, he brings in third party professionals to help run the company. Now he’s going to trust these guys, and what they have to say, because well he thinks they know what they are doing. So by what chance do you think that a highly unprofessional person who is now the owners connection to his customers and the industry to let his dirty laundry get to the guy that writes his checks? He’s not, he’ll just keep telling him how great everything is going until the company sinks. If Mike went privately to N-Control, Paul would have made damn sure that it would have been just swept under the rug. This is all speculation though, as no one here is an employee that would actually know how the company is run. I could be completely wrong, but from all the info that is available it sure seems like this is the case.
          However, what I do know for sure is this. I do feel bad for the rest of the people at N-Control, they didn’t nothing wrong besides a bad hiring decision.However, as bad as this seems right now, this is probably the best thing that could have happened to the N-Control. This guy was cancer, and the sooner he was removed the quicker the company can began to heal and grow. Had this not happened, this guy would have slowly killed the company, one bad customer experience at a time.

          • What I’ve got to ask is, if what you’re saying is true (and I really don’t believe it is) is that a good enough reason to go this far? It’s a massive jump. Name calling to nukes.
            It probably wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t actually think I knew where I stood with Penny Arcade. Half their sites claim to fame is that you can trust them and that they’re good guys. I can’t really imagine trusting someone who would do this.

            However, as bad as this seems right now, this is probably the best thing that could have happened to the N-Control.

            Assuming they can recover. Firing this guy was a good move. Being forced to fire him because someone blew a hole in the side of their ship to get him not so much. The whole thing stems from them being stuck in a crappy situation (planning to launch during the Christmas boom then having a manufacturing delay lasting into mid-December).
            If I were them I’d be hoping for a phone call from someone who wants to buy the business outright, rebrand the whole lot and relaunch it.

        • Do you really believe his wife and kid is getting threatened or that’s just more of his exaggerated fantasy BS? Since he was impersonating people the next day and comes out with these fairy tale apology stories (such as ‘this ruined me’ one minute and ‘none of my other clients left’ the next) I’m guessing it’s likely BS.

          People are probably contacting his wife to ensure she knows what a jerk he is and that’s possibly a bit over the top but why shouldn’t she know what a bully jerk he is? I’m super glad this turned into a nuke and think Mike and PA did a public service.. As more and more comes out about the guy the more most people want him destroyed (the roids, the potential domestic violence etc). If he loses his career, house, wife and kid maybe other bullies might pull their heads in just a little. I only wish justice was just as swift for every other douchebag out there.

          • I can’t say for sure they’ve been threatened (I’d put good money on at least a few people in the mob not knowing where to draw the line), but they’re definitely being harrassed. Even if all they’re getting is phone calls, e-mails and Facebook requests the people involved with him are being harrassed.

            People are probably contacting his wife to ensure she knows what a jerk he is and that’s possibly a bit over the top but why shouldn’t she know what a bully jerk he is?

            Because getting hundreds of e-mails from random people who have never actually met your husband, informing you that they know him better than you and that he’s a jerk, isn’t very fun. Having your personoal life dragged out and used as fuel for the revenge fantasy of an angry mob isn’t very fun.
            Even just the simple aspect of having people cheer as your life falls apart isn’t very fun. It’s not like his wife and kid are going to suddenly find themselves in the land of free sunshine and ponies if she leaves him.

            If he loses his career, house, wife and kid maybe other bullies might pull their heads in just a little.

            That’s a complete load. A) He isn’t the living avatar of all bullies. He’s not some hypothetical proto-bully. He’s just one douchebag. B) No bully anywhere is going to learn anything form this. Hell, this guy doesn’t seem to have learned anything from this.

            [Again, can’t stress this enough. I’m not sticking up for this guy. He clearly had a punch in the face and a visit to the unemployment line coming his way. But not this. It’s an inappropriate level of response that just drags you down to their level.]

          • Earlier you mentioned Oceanwhatever’s employees are suffering just as hard as Paul.

            I’m not 100% on this, but I’ve read all over the place that this guy WAS the company. Just him. Again, I can’t remember where I saw the evidence, but I’d really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

            tl;dr: I’m pretty sure it’s just the one guy.

  • Love watching this whiney little bitch bully getting a taste of his own medicine.

    He deserves everything he gets, the egotistical macho soft-c**k. Go crawl under a rock until you’ve learnt some humility, you less-than-a-man.

    • Following him on twitter? It’s great. He’s the tiny boxer who keeps getting the shit beat out of him but keeps getting up for more. Doesn’t know when to quit.

  • Fuck that guy, he deserves what he gets. But I gotta agree, leave his wife and kid alone. I’m sure putting up with this douchebag is punishment enough for those two.

  • The fact that he stated “If I had known, I wouldhave treated the situation a little better.” says this guy is a douche to begin with. In a PR position like he had you be respectful to everyone no matter what. You’re representing a business, a brand. It’s not us he needs to appologise to, it’s his wife, ocean marketing and Mike.
    As for his wife being pulled into the discussion, if he mentioned her that’s his own fault though of course I feel threats against the wife and son are out of line.

  • This man is a disaster. How anyone could author the original email to another person, let alone to a customer, is beyond me. There is nothing amusing about Christofo’s behavior – it is in fact alarming! If the man markets or reps any other manufacturers, their products are questionable too.

  • “If” he had known who it was he would have handled it differently ??


    Surely you treat ANY customer with respect not just the specialiones who might affect your reputation !!

  • Mike Krahulik’s summation of the whole saga sums it up best: You’re a bully, and you’re only sorry now you’ve run into a bigger bully: me and the Internet.

  • his email’s to dave/mike were spread over several days so if those are his bad days then it stands to reason that he’s just an ass in general.

    Please learn how to be human or die in a fire.

  • “Ultimately, if I was able to control the customer, it never would have happened.”

    I love this quote. I’ve been in marketing for years and everyone knows that when it’s all said and done, the customer ultimately controls you by deciding whether or not to buy what you’re selling. I wouldn’t buy a book on how to be a bully from this f***wit (because with his obvious level of literacy, I’m not sure I could stand to read it).

    **I’m not normally a grammar or spelling Nazi, but damn, if you’re supposedly in the PR business, you should know how to write a sentence correctly.

  • Mike posted the full contents of the emails. And the first one had zero swearing, and was actually a message to this jerkoff’s higher ups…which turns out, don’t actually EXIST. Sorry, but I’ll be sure to steer clear of this jackass’s company and ANY OTHER COMPANY that ever hires him. He’s an entitled douchebag, and is only “sorry” because he was TOO STUPID to do what Mike recommended and look up who he was. If you’re going to say “lololol, you don’t run Pax”, you’d better sure as SHIT be certain of that – and not go screaming and yelling about all the “awesomer peeps” that you might think you know.

    Yep, don’t rag on this guy’s wife and kid. But make sure he never has a job again EVER? That’s on my list too. I’m sorry, but if I have to put up with a guy throwing rotten fish in my face, this jackass can put up with people asking about products his company isn’t delivering without all the dickery.

    And being too stupid to figure out that it’s possible that the bad PR from your poorly written correspondance might result in negative connotations from actual people of note…is just stupid.

    This guy should never have a job in customer service EVER AGAIN.

  • He deserves what he’s getting. His wife and kid don’t.

    i don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t have any bad feelings towards N-Control, if I had an Xbox this guy’s behaviour wouldn’t stop me buying their product.

  • @DogMan – I understand what you are saying. I agree to some aspects, but as others have said, sometimes if things aren’t bought into the public domain this would carry on. Would Kotaku taken the email from “Dave” and reported on it without the support from Mike [PA]? I doubt it. Ok Mike over-reacted and he’s admitted that. Even Gabe has said “that’s the kind of guy Mike is” but there’s no use in trying to sort out who’s been professional and who hasn’t as the emails and various reports show all, including the “apology”. Would N-Control be looking at it’s own business and customer contact model if this didn’t hit the public domain? Probally not – until it’s too late. Paul Christoforo is just butt hurt that he was unable to make more money before being dismissed.

  • This guy’s STILL a goddamn douchebag. Unbelievable. There’s no humility or apology anywhere in there. He specifically states that he’s sorry he spoke to Mike that way, because he’s from Penny Arcade and wishes he could have ‘handled it better’. He still stresses that he wants connections and wants the attention this has brought him.

    What an unrepentant, self-serving roidmonkey.

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