Check Out Mario Kart 7's Cool Multiplayer Community Options

Yesterday, I took a look at Mario Kart 7's online multiplayer, which is functional and easier to use than any past Kart game. Today, I wanted to show another cool feature of the game's multiplayer — the ability to make multiplayer communities.

Each player can make up to eight separate communities, which can be customised a fair amount. In addition to picking a name and an icon, the community's races are limited to certain power-ups and other restrictions. Each community centres around one event (50, 100, or 150cc racing, Balloon Battle, Coin Runners), and powerups can be limited as follows:

  • All Items
  • Coins Only
  • Bananas Only
  • Mushrooms Only
  • Bob-ombs Only
  • No Items at all

Unfortunately, there's no way to get more granular with your restrictions. You can't, for example, have a race with no blue shells. Which would've been nice, because: Bite me, blue shells. But still, for a race with fewer cheap shots, some of the more restrictive options will suffice.

Once you've made a community, you'll get a code, which you can give to your friends. It's a drag that you can't search communities by name, but once you've got a number, it's very easy to join up and spread it around.

Check out the video for a look at how the communities work and look in the game. Also, you'll get to see our Brian Crecente and me having some fun communicating from New York to San Francisco via the lobby's pre-designated interaction options. "Hello!" "Hi!" "Go easy on me!" "Okay!" Heh.

I'll have more on Mario Kart 7 as the week continues.

A Look at Mario Kart 7's Easy-To-Use Online Multiplayer

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    The lack of options Super Smash Brothers have had for years is why I agree with Jim Sterlings review score of 5 for the game. I get why they include the Blue Shell, but the inability to turn it off altogether means that there is way to have a skills based race. Your not going to want to play the game any more as soon as you develop even a basic level of competency.

    The ability to to turn it off would mean people who want to play the game with other skilled drivers could do so. Disappointing Nintendo just refuses to listen on this point.

      If you want a skills based racer, then Mario Kart is not for you. It has been, and always will be, a party racer designed so that the person who is the most skilled is not guaranteed a win.

      It makes it easy to play with family or friends with no "skill", but just want a little bit of fun.

        Pfft the person with the most skill at MK uses tactics to win and is extremely likely to win every time against lesser skilled people. It stays fun for anyone to pick up and play with items that give them a chance of not coming last, but also lets the people who are skilled at it enjoy it on a different, more strategic level against each other :)

        It could be for both. My problem is not just that it just removes the skill, it removes the fun. I might as well throw a dice around and nominate whoever roles the highest the winner of Mario Kart.

          hmm, sounds like the words of someone who doesn't win a lot at mario kart.. :P

      Except if you read the article there is an option for no items at all...

        And there are options for some of the interesting options like coins and mushrooms that don't specifically target the player in first.

          Except if you read the article, you can't turn off blue shells. Even if this isn't true, a no items options is kind of crap anyway. I really only want to turn off about half.

            You CAN turn off Blue shells in the "______ only" modes. The author was referring to how you can't keep everything else and remove only the blue shell.

    Unoffical Kotaku Australia Community Code
    100cc and all items

    the following options are
    All Items
    Coins Only
    Bananas Only
    Mushrooms Only
    Bob-ombs Only
    No Items at all

    I am actually looking forward to skill based racing with only ______options. This is a great option list. To much customization means that people take to long picking options and it takes forever to start a match. They have the perfect set up. They made the multiplayer perfect. End of story...

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