Chuck’s Zachary Levi Is This Year’s VGAs Host

Chuck’s Zachary Levi Is This Year’s VGAs Host

NBC’s Chuck tells the story of an ordinary geeky dude who becomes an ultra-capable super spy. It’s become an oft-embattled cult favourite for the parade of genre stars, nerd references and video game cameos and now its lead star gets to read the ultimate reward.

Zachary Levi’s going to host Spike’s Video Game Awards show, which airs in a few short weeks. He’s one of the better known celebrity gamers and has been a constant presence at Comic-Con International in San Diego. He’s done voice work for Halo: Reach and Fallout: New Vegas and recently launched geek culture website The Nerd Machine. Now, he’ll be watched closely as viewers gauge just how excited to be when their favourite games win — or lose — big as trophies get handed out to the games of 2010.

‘Chuck’ Star Zachary Levi to Host Spike TV’s Video Game Awards [The Hollywood Reporter]


  • “It’s become an oft-embattled cult favourite for the parade of genre stars, nerd references and video game cameos”

    Really? Cult favourite? Chuck is like Big Bang Theory. Populist television written by non-geeky screenwriters to be what they think geeks are like. Either they glamourise the hell out of it (like this show), or they take it in completely the opposite direction and dumb the humour down for their 2 mil+ CBS audience.

    • I’d say there’s a wide range of those who could be considered “geeks”. Your classification system is faulty.

      [names removed for easy parsing]

      SMBC-guy? Total geek. xkcd-guy? Total geek.

      Do all the “geeks” you know do high level maths/sci work for fun? Probably not. Do half the “geeks” on this site have doctorates in Pure Maths? Likely not. So are all these then “not real geeks” or is it SMBc and xkcd guys who “aren’t geeks?”

      You might not like Chuck, but it’s fairly representative of multiple types of geeks.

    • Wait I don’t see any glamorisation of geek culture in this show. If anything is unrealistically glamorised it is the lives of spy agents.

      Also cult-favourite now no longer means “exclusively enjoyed by a particular group/type of people.” It now means “whatever popular thing is enjoyed by X million less people than the most popular thing.”

  • Still have no interest in these awards. As usual they’ll ignore real gamers and real gaming reviewers (Referring to last year’s Angry Joe Show controvercy). The VGA’s are for all the “mainstream pretend geeks/nerds” to glad hand themselves and suck more blood out of a culture they know nothing about.

    Mind you I’ll youtube the trailers later.

  • he will do a waaaaay better job that Neil Patrick Douchebag.. but they are equally just as much posers.. Nathan Fillion would make a better host he is actually into gaming he pwned Beiber

      • If you have ever listened to Zachary Levi talk about being a nerd (not geek) he actually states that you can be a ‘nerd” about anything you are passionate about. i.e. Television, gaming etc. He is a massive gamer. Check on youtube for the episode of game on where the show Heroes vs Chuck. He pwned them all. I am a proud NERD. I am a gamer, tv addict and build computers for fun. I also work in accounting. BTW when did being a geek become elitist?

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