(A Version Of) Comic-Con Headed To Australia

It doesn't seem to be affiliated to the actual San Diego / New York Cons, but from March 31st next year, around 10,000 faithful are expected to converge on...Adelaide. Guests include Stewart McKenny, Jonathan Frakes and Jewel Staite (who I’ve had crush on in both Stargate Atlantis and Firefly). Oz Con then moves to Melbourne on June 30 with none other than Stan Lee and Patrick Stewart! Updated.

Full list of guests can be found at the OzComicCon site. Let the cosplay begin. Who’s going?

Comic-Con comes to South Australia in 2012 [Adelaide Now] via Reddit


    I'll fly to Adelaide just to see Jewel Staite.

    I'll also ask the obvious question, why not Melbourne or Sydney?

      It is going to Melbourne. June 30, last sentence of the paragraph.

      Cause we got this guy :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb_LghFFwkk
      It is actually heading to Melbourne too. Man, Adelaide's gonna be absolutely crazy in March; Comicon, Fringe Festival, Soundwave, Clipsal 500.... someone wanna loan me a few bucks?

        ZOMG!!! Just noticed Tia Carrere is coming!!! i must prepare my marriage proposal!!!

    I just did a happy dance.

    For this, I will brave Adelaide.

    I will wade through a sea of Adelaide bogans to see my Sci fi heroes!!!

      Adelaide doesnt have that many bogans...

      Just dont venture out to the northern suburbs, if you do find the closest blunt object.

    I am surprised that its coming to Adelaide.

    And i think that Stan Lee and Patrick Stewart are coming to the Adelaide one, there is nothing on the website that says they are only going to the Melbourne one.

      Nah, don't think so. There's a tab to see melbourne or adelaide. And the melbourne lineup is waaay better!

        Your always surprised Luke.

    Im not a comic.reader but i live sci fi and gaming so imma smash that melbourne show

    I have a dream of going to the US for a comic-con, but for now this will do!

    One pavilion at the showgrounds? We can do better than that.

    Might consider going to the Melbourne one. But odd choice, why not Sydney too? We also get the typical Aussie guests and essentially no AAA names. I don't want just Riker, I want the whole TNG crew for example.

    Oh hell yes! I shall be dressing up as anakin skywalker for sure!

    Adelaide? Really? What an odd choice....

      We are also getting the Final Fantasy concert Distant Worlds here. I believe its because Adelaide has the highest concentration of geeks. Or maybe we have so little to do here that we can't help but go to events. I mean, it's not called the festival state for nothing.

    I bet everyones gonna go overboard on the cosplay, EB Games Expo was awful.

    Good reporting...Not. This event is not ComicCon and is not in any way affiliated with the US Comic Con. This is purely two Australian business trying to use the ComicCon brand, without permission mind you, to raise awareness of their event. Strange that it he organisers are the ones that were dumped from being involved with Armageddon. I wouldn't be surprised if these people are not even confirmed and are only being used to gather support from exhibitors and potentional attendees. Come on Kotaku...surely you can do better than to report of false information.

    I might try to get a table there. Self-promotion!

    We've got Armageddon and Supanova, not to mention Manifest for the anime-inclined (ie me), how is this something new?
    Not that I'm complaining Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart and Jewel Staite are coming to Australia, but perhaps could have been written differently.

    A major thing coming to Adelaide? The end is nigh!

    Awww, Frakes isn't coming to the Melbourne Con :(

    sooo melbourne gets stan lee... and we get whatever else...
    adelaide suckss

    Sounds awesome!!
    Who's Stewart McKenny tho.....

    Your kidding yourselves if you think Stan lee is attending any Con in Australia,Last time enquiries were made the cost was $150,000us, 2 first class flights , 5 star accommodation how could any con in oz afford this and still break even. It will turn out to be a late cancelation if he has agreed at all?!

    Jewel Staite is awesome at these things, saw her at supanova, Only topped by sean schemmel, wtb at sydney again

    This reeks of scam to me! Seriously, stay far far away,

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