Comic Sans Even Ruins Video Game Logos

Ah, Comic Sans. The village idiot of fonts. While it normally ruins everything it touches, website Comic Sans Project are the font's self-anointed "DEFENDERS", replacing the logos of famous companies with, well, Comic Sans.

You'd think it would look awful but, well, it often looks pretty great. Especially the PlayStation, Xbox and McDonalds ones.

Comic Sans Project [Tumblr]


    You know what is never used appropriately?

      I hate Papyrus with every fibre of my being. I'm a graphic designer, and whenever I see Papyrus used I want to scream. Comic Sans is a close second.

    Wow, stolen from 9gag. Now we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for xmas.

      And 9gag stole it from 4chan

        Laughing Squid

    Title fail... Video game logos? Hardly. McDonalds? Microsoft? STARWARS?!!!

    If KotakuUS are really gonna start just posting random stuff from Reddit and other such sites can it at least be within a day or two of it's original posting and not a month later?

    Luke. Plunkett. Every. Time.
    God I wish there was some way of reading article titles/ articles then placing bets on who you think wrote them, Mr. Plunkett would have made me a killing. says the author's name on the main page, under each title.

      Stop clicking on his.

      Problem solved?

        What he said was that he wishes there was a way to read an article without it telling us the author of said article, and then have a guess at who wrote it. If shitty, then Plunkett/Ashcraft/all the americans. If thought provoking but amateurish, aussie, if excellent, Serrels.

    Spoiler: Plunkett is apparently an Aussie.

      But that doesn't explain article quality at all!

      But he works for KotakuUS if I'm not mistaken.

    The writing is so consistently shit that I doubt that 'self-anointed' is even a whimsical attempt at humour.

    Here's the recipe for a kotaku post of late.

    Search other sites for articles with a tenuous link to video games. Post this article removing key words from certain sentences and duplicating others elsewhere. Make several basic spelling mistakes, comma-spam the shit out of it, and then spell a fancy word incorrectly because you've been mishearing it all your life (seque/segue). Then add your own little coda with wildly incorrect facts or unnecessary swearing.

    Success! You are now a video games journalist!

    Random comments dont make you a journalist, either...

      Er, well done. I don't claim to be. More importantly, I'm not paid to be. If I can sit at my normal job reading this on my phone and notice the distinct lack of any sort of quality, fact checking or proof reading, you'd think these idiots could too. That's why people get pissed off with the consistently rubbish quality of articles provided.

      Nice picture by the way.0

    What website am i on? WTF was that?

    I like video article about those would be great.

    COMIC SANS!!! *shakes fist* know what wastes more time than a repost...submitting a comment complaining about a repost. Close the tab...get over it.

      You know what wastes more time then submitting a comment complaining about a repost... submitting a comment complaining about people complaining about a repost. Close the tab... get over it.

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