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Another week bites the dust. And I've eaten way too much chocolate. It's time for Community Kudos!

Ah Community Kudos — it's a weekly post I look forward to, but there's also a small element of dread, of procrastination. Will I miss someone's nomination? Will I forget someone? How am I going to put it altogether!

That all occurs before I start writing. Then, as I mindlessly begin banging on my keyboard, it becomes the most cathartic thing in the world. I'm reminded of how lucky I am to spend all day working with such a great community of people. It's not uncommon for me to get all emotional reading about all the incredible things you guys have done for each other and for me!

Anyway — time for teh nomz!

Chuloopa managed to break his own record for early nominations, shooting me an email at bloody 9.45 on the Monday! The nomination itself? To Jo for gifting him a copy of Greed Corp on steam.

Then Splicer, following 'Tha Loops' on the very same day — a nomination to BDKIAF for sending him a copy of American Gods. What is it with that book man? Should I read it? What is it? Man, I don't know what you kids are reading these days...

Splicer also followed up with a nomination I totally agree with — For McGarnical. The nomination was simply due to the fact McGarnical has the best name and avatar ever, and I concur. I laugh at everything he posts, even if it isn't funny.


Now onto one of those noms that make me really proud to be part of this community. As some of you already know, Kotaku poster Di11enger has been going through a bit of a hard time recently and, as usual, you guys have been so supportive. Di11enger got in contact with me nomming basically everyone who's helped him out during this time.

So... Blaghman, Pixel, Shane, Harli, Flu, Freyr, NotoriousR, D.C, Jo, Strange, Puppy, Steve-o, GingerChris, Loops, Rocketman, Sughly and Fat Shady — you all got the nomination treatment.

Alex also nominated almost all of the same people for the same reason, for helping him get through a difficult time during the week. Honestly — where else could you find such a welcoming warm group of people. [Wipes tears on sleeve]. Great job guys. You are the best.

Also — I would like to personally nominate Di11enger myself, for advising me to eat more apples and cure this bloody perennial tiredness thing I've had going on for the past couple of weeks. I like apples, so I'm totally going to go ahead and eat more of them! Good call old bean!

Effluvium Boy wins the award for the most hilariously short nomination email I've ever received...

Hi Mark,

Tracey Shane Sughly Aidan Rocketman DAN! <3


Effluvium Boy

That made me chuckle.

And another thing that made me laugh was the fact that both NovaCascade and Harli nominated one another for the precise same thing. Apparently both of them have been having a crazy super secret discussion on the third page of this week's Talk Amongst Yourselves, after everyone else had moved on to other pages and other things. It's pretty crazy that TAY has spiraled so out of control that people can find nooks and crannies to have completely personal conversations. Wow.

I also got the best nomination from the Queen of the noms — Strange. [Starts wiping his tears on his sleeve again].

Last week there was a bit of a problem in Talk Amongst Yourselves which I unwittingly contributed greatly to. We all discussed it and I thought everyone was okay, but apparently Tech Knight took it to heart and felt bullied and so no longer feels welcome in TAY. I feel extremely terrible about this so I want to nominate him for Kudos.

I had no ill-intentions towards him but unfortunately he feels like I did so I have to own up to it and take responsibility for (however unintentionally) making someone I care about feel awful. The point is not that I wasn't directly attacking him, but that he felt like I was.

So yes, I want to nominate Tech Knight for Kudos because a) I'm sorry, b) he deserves it because he's a part of what makes our community great and I love it when he channels HK-47 and calls people "Meatbag" and c) I want him to feel like he belongs again.


Choosing this week's winner was pretty tough, particularly as a lot of people did themselves proud by really responding to someone who needed help, which is just an amazing thing to see. But just in terms of sheer numbers, and for the amount of work she puts into keeping the community together, I'm going to give this week's Community Kudos to Harli.

Congrats Harli! And have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.

EDIT: Bloody spam filter! I also got a nom from Shiggy 'Awesomo Power' Ninty...

Mark! My loveable Scotsman! HERE ARE MY ULTIMATE NOMS FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Everyone for all the birthday wishes! Sughly for drawing an awesome picture of me. ITS SO FAB IN GUNNA HUNG ITON ME WALL! AnonymousPessimist for gifting me Dragon Age. And in answer to your question, yes we do have french fries here, but we call them chips! Love Ringo Starr P.S forgive the lateness of my reply. PPS. This is actually ShiggyNinty.



    Can you feel the love? I know I can...

    I really meant to make some nominations this week. I actually wrote an email to Mark, it is in my drafts! I won't spoil it for you but will instead dust it off for next week.

    Woo I got omnommed! Thanks guyyyyys! Also I forgot to nom again :(

    Ahaa... seriously!?!?!?? I mean, thank you so much to everybody who nominated and Serrels too.. but I don't think I deserve this!!

    I feel like I'm being something of a CK hog (I think this is my fifth time, lol), so I propose from here on out nobody is allowed to nom me anymore. Seriously. Serzly.

    This community is awesome. You guys freaking all rock. Have a great weekend.

      Now you're probably going to get Kudos next week for trying to not hog Kudos.

      OMG you've got way more than me? This must mean you're the new First Lady!

      Seriously though, regardless of anything else, that comment thread of yours and NovaCascade's was completely entertaining. Kudos, dear Lady. ;-)

        We try, Lady Strange, we try. Congrats Harli, we have to do that again.

        PS woo, my first nom

          Second! I nommed you last week for loving the Nier soundtrack!

            Ah right, forgot that. First one Mark mentioned then :)

        You are and always will be the first lady, simply because you were the first one to be outed as a lady! ;)

    Mark, I nom'd Klutar! Did the email go through?

    Congrats Harli. Truly deserved.

    (and now I want chocolate, gargh!)

    Once again, thankyou to all those awesome people who threw around virtual hugs and support earlier this week. This community is undeniably awesome.

    Also, congrats to Harli!

    It was a week of really nice gestures mixed in with rude gestures so that is a good week. Congrats Harli, congrats all other nomees. Have a good weekend dudes. Sorry my post is late I was asleep on the train. Lol.

    Congrats everyone!
    Man, I need to be active again once I finish this uni summer course.

    Grats Harli

    Congroots everyone! Well deserved om nom NOMs this week.

    Sir-Eats-A-Lot ftw!!! You should all celebrate by joining me tomorrow to eat a lot of Xiao Fei Yang!!!

    Congrats etc.

    Read American Gods.

    Yay! Congratulations to everybody!

    (read the above as a Kermit style yay)

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