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Another Friday another buttload of chocolate ingested by me. Welcome to another Community Kudos!

This week has been a pretty rubbish one for me personally, mostly because I keep hurting myself — specifically my fingers. I cut off half my nail along with a chunk of skin while chopping garlic, then I got a gnarly tendon injury while climbing. Now I can't go climbing for a week or so. :(

So yeah, it's been a bit rubbish for me personally. Hope it was a better one for you guys!

The awesome thing about this weeks nominations was the fact that almost all of the noms were from first time nommers! All except the noms of Lord Chuloopa.

Here was his awesome email that didn't make any sense. I still honestly don't know who he was nominating...

Hi Buddy!

I haven't been on Kotaku this week more than twice. Busy as a Bumble Bee! (Are they busy? I sure hope so, otherwise i'll look like a bit of a twit)

Either way i'd still like to nom whomever has contributed most the community this week. Pretty simple, hey?

I'd say it's actually quite noble.

Hey - what about some of the new guys? I hear that McGarnigal is quite the catch, and loves a good lunch break. Also there's the other newish dude, NovaCascade. I think that's a type of beer. Everyone likes beer.

I'd like to nominate beer.

Thanks buddy - i hope everyone has been having an awesome week.

I still dream of you all.


<3 Loops

So, what I'm getting from this is that Chuloopa likes beer and still dreams of us. I'm yet to have a dream featuring Chuloopa, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

The first newcomer nom I received was from Scree — but it left me curiously unsatisfied, and I'll explain why.

First she nominated Bish and Plainview for making her feel welcome as a newcomer to TAY. Awesome. Great nominations. But then it got a bit weirder, and I'll quote...

Blaghman, Trjn, Effluvium Boy, Bish (again ^^;; ), Jo, Notorious R, Lambomann 007, Rize and Bear blaster.

The reason is that they all helped me with a problem neighbour and his dog.

I want to know what happened here? Who was the problem neighbour? Why was he a problem? What did the dog have to do with it? I NEED MOAR INFORMAAYYYTION!

McGarnigal — what a guy. We all know he has the best name and gravatar, but you might not be aware that he is a very quick answerer of queries! That's precisely why he was nommed by Edward. For quickly answering his query about adding Gravatars.

Responding to 'queries'. It's important, and a running theme in this week's Community Kudos. McGarnigal himself nominated Chris, AlexPants, Stephen, Dire Wolf, RedArtifice, Oggob, Masha2932 and MrTaco for helping him out in the Assassin's Creed Revelations Community Review. He also nominated HotDamn! for inspiring him to buy American Psycho on Blu-ray. Chuloopa's name was also mentioned — but he specifically said it wasn't an official nomination because he's always getting nominated!

Gorzilla also dropped what I believe is his first nom, although I could be totally wrong. Apparently there was a bit of a Minecraft project going on, and Lucifer9783, his little brother Nos and Stevo The Devo were all involved in getting things up and running. Good job folks, it's been a while since I've visited the Minecraft server. Will try and make time over the holidays for sure.

Anyways, I'm going to wrap this up. If anyone else dropped some noms that I forgot, kindly remind me/shout aggressively in the comments below and I'll add them later.

This week's winner? It's McGarnigal. Congratulations and have a great weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.

Edit: Last minute noms from Lamboman007 incoming!

Hey Mark, Just nomming Welbot for the mini-meat at his place last weekend. You should have seen all the food Welbot got for us! Vegetarian beef chunks, Vegetarian crab meat, Vegetarian mushroom balls(??), he sure knows how to put on a feast! Much fun was had at his place, and I learnt that button mashing really isn't that bad of a tactic in Mortal Kombat. I also learnt why the game was banned :P Cheers!


    Scree is a girl?!?!?

    Also Grats McGarnical Best name and Avatar awards go to you aswell. You have been a force in TAY this week!

      Thanks! Surprised a bit, since I tried my best at TAY for a couple of days and think I completely fell out of the picture by Wednesday.

    Arrggghhh! I must have sent mine in too late. Damn brain thinking it wasn't Friday!

    Anyway, McGarnical is a worthy winner, congratulations!

    You forgot my nom the the Brisbane School of Distance Education! LOL! Yay for giving me a permanent job!
    Thanks for the nom lambo!! Always welcome to come round for game and feasting!! :) I believe DAN! and I will be going for ramen next week sometime to celebrate my new JOB GET!, so if anyone else wants to join in the fun, give us a holler! :) And before people get uppity about my vegetarian feast, I did have meat too, but only for me, as the guests were all vegetarians, but I'm not afraid to eat veggie stuff too! ;) I just have to have a little red meat for strength and well being ;)

      Oh crap!! got caught up in my post and forgot to congrats to McGarnical!!! well done sire!! :)

    'Bout time McGarnical got that kudos. Congrats!

    I am actually speechless. Standby, I'll try and express myself in a reply to this post.


        Congratulations! If there was a best avatar and username combo award we all know you'd win

    For the record, I also nominated Bish for telling me about the KotakAU Steam group!

      Oh, you!
      Tee hee!

      You are a rad due and sometimes when I think of you I think of the line "Are you a rad enough dude to rescue the President?" and I am like YES HE IS, and the old lady who was standing next to me in line at the supermarket has a heart attack at the sudden shouting.

    Am I the only person here who doesn't know who McGarnical is? I'm probably the only person who's never seen an episode of the Simpsons too...
    Congrats Garny!

      Your education begins here:

      And then here: (bad quality, but you get the picture - except it's the picture that's screwed up - so you get the sound).

      He is McBain's boss. Hence the "You're off the case!" quotes.

        @scree: You're wrong. He's got no affiliation with McBain in the show. You need to study your Simpsons, son.

          Really? Ah well, I haven't seen a simpsons episode in years, so I'm going from a 10 year old memory XD

      hehe don't feel bad.. you're not the only one who doesn't get simpsons references. Noone ever understands my email address.. dondalinger
      I've only ever had one person pick it before, and that was only a few weeks ago when I rang the support line for Elluminate in America. The guy was like.. before I go, can I ask... is that a Simspons reference?! :0 LOL!
      I've been using that email since 1996 and that's the first time anyone has ever said anything to me about it ;) Usually they're like... what? how did you end up with that?

    That was indeed my first nom. Well first 3 realy.

    I am very pleased with the winner and notice that the tired Mr. Serrels called him McGarnigal twice. Reminds me of McGonagall (sp?)

    So. Can you transform into a cat McGarnical?

      If by "transform into a cat" you mean start to completely ignore everyone in the room and just go about my own business? Well, yes, yes I can. I struggle, but I have the odd success.

    Sorry Mark, I should've gathered you don't have time to read TAY, what with writing awesome articles and all.

    It was just a mean neighbour who was threatening me with their dog against my dog. Confusing, but the people I nom'd all gave helpful advice =D
    Mistaken as a male counter is now at 16.

      It's just that your avatar is clearly male.

      Wait, what? :P

      Moving on. Grats to McGarnical!

    I fail to see how I helped, all I did was expose you're true gender :P

      Actually, she'd already exposed her gender in a previous post. I'd go find it, but I'm way too lazy, and it occurs to me that you'll never read this, and so never know about just how right I am(EXCEEDINGLY), but meh.

        I'll read it and know how right you are! That counts for something, right? :P

      You made me laugh. Morale is important!

    Congrats to all the nominees and a hearty well done to McGarnical

    Congrats to all and glad to see that there are new faces around here...

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