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What's up people of Kotaku. It's Friday and it's time for Community Kudos!

Today is our Christmas party, so I'm warning you in advance — if you sent in noms after 11am, I'll most likely have to update this post with said noms later. Sorry guys, but I have to go bloody lawn bowling. Yeah, I know!

'Wait a minute,' scream the rest of the folks in our office, 'wasn't lawn bowls your idea?' Yeah, totally. It was. But I didn't think anyone would take me seriously! Sheesh!

Ah well, never mind. ON WITH TEH NOMS!

Every Monday Chuloopa sends me a nomination email. I've no idea why he sends it on the Monday but he does. Except for this week, when he totally sent it on a Wednesday. But who cares — it's just semantics right? The most important thing is that the email he sent was completely hilarious, so I've decided to post it in full.

Hey Budddyyyyyy

I want to, this week, Nom NotoriousR for several reasons

1. He's a good bloke 2. He's a top contributor 3. He gifted me a copy of Bastion 4. Bastion is awesome 5. Bastion has a really cool voice over guy that slightly arouses me 6. He caught Osama, but let the yanks take credit 7. He's the second coming of Christ, only not so much of a dick as to say "oh yeah, i'm totally nailed to this cross for your sins". DON'T LIE TO US, JESUS! WE'RE WATCHING YOU! 9. He convinced the Germans to knock down the Berlin wall. 10. His heart is made of gold. Like literally. Solid gold. I have no idea how he still pumps blood through his body. 11. He hasn't had sex with Paris Hilton 12. He goes further than a top-ten list (take THAT Letterman) 13. Unlucky for some 14. A number divisible by 2 15. He took an arrow to the knee but never EVER bitched about it to an adventurer

Thanks buddy!!!

xoxo Gossip Loops

In fact NotoriousR has been doing some good work this week. He garnered a nom from my favourite MMA connoisseur Ruffleberg for giving him a copy of BioShock.

Blaghman sent me a very much quite eloquent email (best sentence ever) nominating some relatively new posters to Talk Amongst Yourselves — namely Scree and NovaCascade. Good call. It seems as though TAY is on a massive recruitment drive lately and it's great to see new names and new faces bopping about.

On that note I had a nomination from Strange that I was really happy with — for Zap. Some of you may know Zap and some may not, but he's been a true voice of reason in some of the 'women in games' posts this week. I have to admit I had been a little disappointed by some of the responses in there, but Zap was an absolute legend.

Strange also nominated Negative Zero for gifting her the Valkyria Chronicles book.

I think Tigerion may have been playing a little too much Skyrim.

In a solitary room in pageten asylum, Ravenholm that sat a man. In this fearsome building, where adventures dare not tread, he had a dream. In his mind he traveled, he took a detour through the borderlands but eventually he reached Terraria and the dungeon he was to defend.

With a flick of his ginger locks he bellowed his warcry "games for all" as light and joy flooded the deadly,soulless expanse of page ten asylum.

So today we raise our glass and salute gingerchris86, a light in the darkness


I think that's everyone. Again apologies in advance for those sending in noms later in the afternoon. I'll try and update!

Now, this week's winner...

Notorious R!

Congratulations, and have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats Notorisaur, I agree with Loops, you're a top bloke.

    And Mark, you can never. Ever. Eat too much chocolate.







    Wait what NO STRANGE TAG. Disapoint. Also yay Notty you are a top bloke !

    Huzzah, Not! One of my kudoses was for you, but I guess the contact page of Kotaku is having problems or something so Mark musn't have gotten it.

    Hey Notoriousaur?
    What are you notorious for?
    Did you once slay a centaur?
    Or are you the only one to have shrugged off the oar?
    No matter, because now there is one thing for sure.
    Your name now written down in grand Kotaku AU folklore,
    You are the one we adore.


    Yay for NotoriousR, this Kudos is way overdue!

    Also, sigh. My noms for last week didn't get added so I tried to get them added this week instead. I failed again. So I'm going to mention them here.

    Last week I nominated DAN! for gifting me Batmans(and in a such an awesomely DAN! way) to give to Mr. Strange for Christmas, and I also nominated Pixel the Ferret Viking.(I'm just going to quote my email) "Also, I wanted to nominate Pixel The Ferret Viking because he's a constant source of hilarity and just all-round feelgoodery (it's a word now, because I said so). That Viking deserves some recognition."

    So yeah, now that's over and done with and I won't to repeat my last week's noms again next week.

      Thanks for the nom! I'm usually just throwing in my thoughts and am glad anyone found then useful!

        You restore faith in the human race, mang.
        Very worthy nom.

        Somebody else (I think it may have been The Cracks) nominated you via Twitter as well. But I think Serrels forgets all the Twitter noms.

    Loops, that email was pure gold. Thanks guys :)

    What a great last day here at work. Kudos, pizza and Wii tennis. And now I can go home and sleep and play all the skyrim and batmangs and nap.

    Also, I was serious about my nom for JamesMacusedMyHandle on twitters. He's back! :D

    Wah..? No noms for destroying page 10? What do you mean that's not something I should be nommed for??
    Congrats Notty!

      Well, it wasn't really a nom, and it certainly wasn't for page ten, but to assuage your fears that you're forgotten and unloved, I will copy my full email to Mark here.

      "Dearest Mark:

      It's been a while, hasn't it? Quite a while, I'll admit, I've been busy, though it is not through my own machinations that I do not visit Kotaku during the day, personally, I blame society. But that's not really relevant to the point at hand here, and that's Community Kudos. I would like to nominate both NovaCascade, and Scree for kudos, both of them are relative newcomers, though in my old age I haven't gone to the effort of finding their very first posts in an effort to creep them out, so I honestly can't say exactly how new, since every week seems to blur together these days. Hmm, but I guess I got back to me there, I really should remedy that problem, it's not like there's that much to say, and it does seem superfluous to extend it so, but I guess that's what you get from me. Ooh, me again. Silly me.

      I'm sure you're wondering why I would want to nominate new people, when, as an old member of the community I should be a grouch, and hate everyone on sight, or maybe site, I'm not sure, it's a pun you see. Well Mark, these two rad mangs (I can't call them dudes, that would be incorrect) helped remind me this week about why I read TAY. How did they do that? Well, page seven. It is a lovely place, though not as glorious as page four. A little crowded at times, but filled with humour, and jokes, and most importantly, long format posts, filled with quality information.

      Well, mostly quality information. OK, that was a lie too, but I'm sure you understand. So, to Nova and Scree, for humouring an old man at the end of his day. I would like to also send a mention out to Lambo, while he did a similar thing, and joined in, I will not nominate him for Kudos, due to the fact that he should have known better than to encourage me, so, I have come to the conclusion that he may just want to see the world burn. Or at least page seven. Or possibly ten.

      So, to Scree, to Nova, and to a slightly lesser, but no less important extent, Lambo. Well, it is lesser, so maybe it is less important, but I'm sure he understands.

      Yours Truly,

      I do hope you understand.

        I want to see ALL THE PAGES BURN! :D <-(evil grin)
        Well, I suppose a lesser nom is better than no nom :P

        Dearest Blaghman,

        I understand the effort but I am already aware that I have been on TAY for 3 weeks. I also know that my first post consisted of my being scared of posting for the first time in TAY.

        Thanks for the nomination.

      No, Lamb, for page 10 you don't get community kudos. Maybe community lynch mob?

      Yours in crime,

        Do you know who's off the case?

        Not you.

        Not this time.

    Congrats NotoriousR! Well deserved :D

    (Also agree about Zap's nomination)

    Congrats to Notorious R. Hopefully mark updates this later but I did have a long list of noms. Lambo and mcgarnical got noms for destroying page 10, Lambo, Blaghman and scree also got noms for out huge chat at the end of page 7.

    But my main list of noms was for everyone who sent messages of support after my pop had a stroke yesterday. As I said in my email, I've seen these sort of noms on occasion but to be the recipient was very special. So to scree, Bish, Blaghman, AlexPants, mcgarnical, FatShady, tigerion and I think I'm forgetting one more - thank you so much for being amazing people. I really appreciate it.

      You're welcome. It was the least I could do. I hope he's getting better.

      I'm sorry I didn't nominate for the huge combo on Page 7, I thought it was normal for TAY

      Wait, what? How did I miss that conversation?
      Hope everything's okay...

    Bioshock is good. It actually made me have...feelings towards characters.

    Yay NotoriousR!!! You da man!!! You been deserving this one for a while!

    I am this much good at remembering to send in noms... /holds hands about an inch apart from each other
    Anyway: Blaghman, Scree and NovaCascade for the convo on page 7 (even though I suspect that Nova plans to overthrow me and become Emperor of South Kotaku...I'm watching you, boy) :P
    McGarnicle for finding out how to destroy Page 10
    Myself for completely destroying page 10 (What? I can't nom myself??)
    And I keep thinking there was someone else, but I can't remember who it was...

    For the record, I also nom'd Zap - but it seems the illustrious Serrels ignores my tweets unless they're about the Zelda orchestra cd :P

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