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To be honest, I didn't really plan on writing a Community Kudos post, but then as I began work mid-week I started to receive nominations, and felt it would be a massive injustice if these noms went undelivered. I don't want to live in a world where noms lay dormant in my inbox, it is my sworn duty to inform people of the kudos they have recieved! For that reason, THIS IS COMMUNITY KUDOS!

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine's was alright. I got the Naruto boxset I asked for, well I got a receipt for the boxset. Madman hasn't delivered it yet because my wife was too late with the order. First world problems, eh?

Talking of Christmas, Lamboman007 has been wriggling his way into the Kotaku community's digital chimney during the Steam sales, gifting games here and there for loads of folks. Ho ho ho! He received nominations from both Chuloopa and Virus__ for the amount Christmas cheer the man has been spreading.

The Loops also made mention of Tigerion and Rize, who have also been gifting games on a daily basis.

Anonymous Pessimist. When he told me he was going to leave Talk Amongst Yourselves alone for a while, I didn't really believe him. But he did leave, and only makes sporadic appearances, despite still being heavily involved in meet ups and stuff. This week Qumulys emailed me with a nom for the guy, and I got a little nostalgic for his presence around here. The nom was for another round of Christmas steam gifting — AP gifted the Q-man with a copy of Skyrim, and some other games. Apparently he wasn't the only one.

That was it for the nominations this week — not as many as usual, but still way more than I expected considering it's the holidays and all.

So congrats to Lamboman007 — you are the winner this week. Hope everyone has a great new year. Thanks so much for all your support in 2011. You guys make this the best job ever, and I hope to see you all next year!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    oh, i guess my nom for tigerion was a bit too late then?

    oh well, grats lambo!

    I rarely post but am always reading. I think my new years resolution will be to partake more often.

    Congrats to everyone and I really have enjoyed the content, the comments and most of all; the laughs!

    oooh shoot i forgot to nom Pez!
    umm, you get a special dawdludos from me instead :P

    Note to self: Don't send noms in late friday afternoon...
    Anyway, I nommed f4ction, Pez and Cakesmith for the gifts they sent me over the last week. I have to double nom Pez though, because he sent me two \o/
    Man I miss Pez. Well, I think he deserved to win more than me cause he did a lot more gifting than I did...

    Anyway, yay me? :P

      indeed yay for you!! Very deserving!! :-D

      And Happy New Years to you and all the kotaku family!!!!

      Thanks again Pez, he's like having sex with santa!

    Aww shucks, Q-Bo sent me the link to noms.

    Surprised I actually got nommed given my lengthy absence from TAY. I'm feeling the love :D

      Hey, half of the guys on TAY these days may not have a clue who you are, but the rest of us, we've never forgotten you! You're still apart of the community, even if you aren't apart of the community... or something. I can't think straight this late at night, dammit! :D

        You young'uns, this should be your prime time! Does this mean now is the best time to challenge you to Hot Pursuit matches?

          Erm, ah, uh, no? I don't think that would be a good idea. For my sake of course, not yours :P
          How bout Sunday night?

    My noms must have got lost in marks junk filter*

    Mine go to Rize and F4ction for gifting me games, now I just need to work out what the heck to do in terraria

    Congratz Lambo

    * I forgot to send noms

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