Community Review: Mario Kart 7

As it comes closer to Christmas, and the new releases have all but dried up it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find games to use for Community Review. Mario Kart 7 was probably the last major release of the year — what did you guys think?

I’ve detailed my thoughts about Mario Kart in general here; really it’s a Mario Kart game, plain and simple. It plays things relatively safe in terms of the mechanics, but that’s to be expected.

What’s been overlooked, however, in the various negative reviews, is just how good the track design is. I’m loving the massive one-lap courses used to finish off each of the Grand Prixs, loving the change of pace in the underwater courses — overall I’m loving the game.

I haven’t been able to get online yet, mainly because my Mario Karting has been restricted to my commute so far, but I know plenty of you guys have been playing online — how is it? And what do you think of the game in general?

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