Defense Grid Expansion Has GLaDOS Cameo

What happens when one of the world's best tower defence games meets one of gaming's most beloved power-mad robotic villains? Fans line up to pay $US4.99 or 400 Microsoft points for the Defense Grid: You Monster expansion, that's what.

Coming December 7 to Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, Defense Grid: You Monster is the first full story expansion for the award-winning futuristic tower defence game, featuring eight new maps, 35 challenge missions and one hell of a crazy cameo.

Warping her way over from Valve's Portal franchise, GLaDOS is extremely curious about what the player and his more civilised artificially intelligent computer are doing with all of these towers and when the all-powerful machine scientist gets curious, it's time for some tests. Players will be responsible for managing their defenses across a series of Portal-themed levels. That, and dying. Lots of dying. Don't worry; it's all for science.

On December 7th Portal's GLaDOS comes to defence Grid [Hidden Path Entertainment]


    Wait haven't we already played this? It was part of the Potato thing for the lunch of Portal 2.

    I definitely have already played the levels showed in that video.

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